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7 Things We've Learned About Uber's Lost and Found

Forgot something in your ride? You're not alone.

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We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when we realize we’ve left something behind, whether it's at a restaurant or in a cab. Typically, our forgotten items happen to be our most valuable -- that’s what has found, anyway.

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In its recently released “Uber Lost & Found Index,” the ride-sharing company shares some of the most forgotten items left in its fleet of vehicles, including wallets, phones and purses. The Index also highlights some of the strangest items left in the back of Ubers, as well as the cities with the most forgetful riders and the days of the week people are most forgetful.  

So, for those plagued with forgetfulness, the good news is: You’re not alone. Check out what we learned from the Uber Lost & Found Index:

1. The five most commonly forgotten items are phones, rings, keys, wallets and glasses. Some of the most important personal belongings such as purses and driver’s licenses/IDs also appear in the top 10 list of most forgotten items.

2. As an Uber driver, you never know who -- or what -- you’re going to get in your next ride. Here are some of the strangest items that have been forgotten in an Uber:

  • Valuable Nordic poles

  • Sweet potato care package

  • Smoke machine

  • Bulletproof vest

  • Elf cut-out

  • Taser

  • Rubber mallet

3. is the most forgetful city in the U.S., with , , and following.

4. Perhaps exhausted from Saturday night and preparing for the upcoming work week, the Index reports Sundays as being the most common day for people to report lost items.

5. People’s focus seems to be heightened mid-week, with Wednesday being the least common day for riders to report forgotten belongings.

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6. People are most forgetful during the last three months of the year. The Index cited certain days in October, November and December as the most forgetful in 2016. Oct. 30 -- the day before Halloween -- topped the list as the most forgetful day that year.

7. The Index discovered certain items are more commonly reported lost on certain days. On Sundays, wedding dresses see a spike in missing reports. On Mondays, it’s skateboards, and on Tuesdays, it’s swimsuits.

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