"My Startup Is A Reflection Of Who I Am" - Stefania Brunori, Founder, Yoginfinity

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Founded by Stefania Brunori, Yoginfinity is a website that offers yoga and meditation practice tools and inspirational content for audiences across the Middle East. It makes yoga and meditation more accessible, by bringing together yoga studios and teachers through an interactive directory, online videos for own practice and an online calendar of the most relevant yoga and meditation events, along with regular updates on all-yoga and meditation related topics. 


How did it all begin? 

The story of Yoginfinity started when I decided to merge my marketing strategy expertise with my decade-old passion for practicing yoga. The business idea came after a time of self-reflection and exploration, trying to find answers to questions such as what I like to do and where I excel. Additional considerations were focused on the community and how my skills and knowledge could be beneficial to society and its needs. The moment when I decided to abandon the job search and focus on my project 100% is when all the dots started to connect and the company moved forward.

Why did you start up in Dubai?

Dubai is where I have been based for the last 8 years, and the startup scene here is absolutely vibrant, with a lot of support and motivation. The UAE is a country where there are still many opportunities to create companies to offer services that do not yet exist.

Why did you join in5?

We chose in5 for the fantastic learning opportunities that it offers- networking events and mentorship, as well as informal exchanges with the rest of the startup companies based here are really invaluable to us. Being in an environment full of high quality startups with the same innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Does entrepreneurship make you a happier individual? 

It most certainly does! I have created a company that is 100% aligned with my personal values and professional standards that are important to me. My startup is a reflection of who I am, giving me a great deal of fulfillment and satisfaction. I work hard, but I can do it on my time and my terms- not slowed down by rigid corporate structures or nine-to-five routines.

In addition, I derive a lot of passion and energy from having created a brand that gives others happiness and contributes to a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle: it is incredibly rewarding to know that in addition to launching a successful company and being profitable, we can also have a vital impact on not only our own but our customers’ happiness. 

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