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This Hilarious Travel Case Ensures You'll Never Lose Sight of Your Luggage Again

A remedy for the basic black bag is simpler than you think.


Hate standing around the airport baggage carousel, watching every black bag pass by? Wish you didn’t need to spend another anxious travel moment hoping your bag doesn’t get picked up by a stranger?


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Well, there’s a new solution to make your luggage stand apart that’s more fun than a flimsy tag or colorful ribbon. U.K.-based ecommerce website Fire Box offers Head Case, a spandex luggage cover you can personalize with a giant image of your own mug -- maybe even an angry face to ward others from your bag. The case slips over your existing luggage and features strategically placed openings so all handles remain accessible. The covers range from $26 to $39 on the company’s website.

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Now, if you lose sight of your luggage, you’ll have just one person to blame: your evil twin.

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