360 Degree Videos Will Revolutionize Your Travelling Experience

New virtual tour videos offer future tourists more immersive introductions to recommended locations

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Virtual Reality is more than just an immersive technology. It does not only teleport you to a place less imagined but makes you believe that you are actually there, enjoying the serenity and beauty of a utopian world, which you haven’t seen before. However, transportation to a new world comes with a huge cost that you would spend on buying the device, and the paucity of content will surely be a big disappointment. 

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How will VR Function

VR/AR has lots of potential in diverse fields such as medical, travel, education, games, and retail. Since the title talks about how VR will shape travel, I would like to restrict to that and elaborate on it extensively. By its sheer computing and algorithm, travelers, digital nomads, and families can be virtually present at the destination that they are seeking or want to travel without leaving their couches. They can analyze and hand-pick the best place to stay by navigating the place before-hand that will completely eliminate the need of calling the reception desk and ask for details of the room or places to visit.

Companies Understanding Importance of Virtual Tours

Many companies are realizing the fact that the consumer needs and demands are changing rapidly and it is important to think way ahead of them in order to create top of the mind recall. For example, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, affiliated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, has released 360-degree virtual reality videos via the chushikokuandtokyo.org Website. This Japan travel website introduces recommended locations in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan as well as Tokyo. The new virtual tour videos offer future tourists more immersive introductions to recommended locations.

YouVisit, a New York-based company creates virtual reality marketing content for marketers, agencies, travel destinations, and educational institutions to connect audiences with brands. The company partnered with a couple of hotels to provider solution for its customers.

There are many virtual reality videos shot in 360 degrees that you can find on Facebook and YouTube, that have been shot by professional photographers/filmmakers. You can swipe left, right and center to navigate the scenery and be inside it by wearing a VR headset. Nowadays, you can simply capture a panoramic view using your Android phone and upload it to Facebook for your friends and relatives to like, comment and share.

How is a 360 Degree Video Made?

360-degree videos are captured using special rigs mounted by 360 degree viewing multiple cams. The video captured is then stitched using a special software dedicated to aligning the different motions captured inside the camera which results in a 360-degree video.These days you will find a numerous Virtual Reality camera in the market. For example, Ricoh Theta S, Samsung 360, Go Pro and many others. Undoubtedly, these tools are great if you want to capture a full view of your favorite destination.

To conclude, 360-degree videos are the extension to the existing video format that we currently see when we watch films or play games on your computer, smartphone or tablet. With constant innovation and advancements, these videos will emerge as the primary medium of experience for the consumer and help them in making better decisions when travelling to far off places.