#8 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Cost

Last year, around 80 per cent of the big companies have emission reduction targets in place, says a recent survey by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
#8 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Cost
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Founder and Managing Director, Quasar Enviro
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India is one of the countries which is seriously impacted by the consequences of climate change and there is an inevitable need to develop ways and means to reduce the carbon footprint through technological innovation. Last year, around 80 per cent of the big companies have emission reduction targets in place, says a recent survey by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to individual, organization or community actions. While government and environmental organizations are undertaking a major project to curb carbon emissions, every person can contribute to the process. Whether it is reprocessing effectively or cutting down on power consumption, here are 8 ways in which one can bring down the carbon footprints.

  • Mapping the Usage of Electricity- It is of utmost importance to keep a track of what shoots up electricity consumption and how can one reduce the same. Decades ago, it was simply appliances, lights, the radio, and the TV that consumed electricity. Today, PC, AC, refrigerator, charging phones, always-on routers, DVRs, pool filters, security systems, even smart speakers run on electricity. One way to potentially save is to measure exactly how much electricity one is using. It's possible to do so for each device—it just takes some effort to find the source of so-called "vampire energy" that's being sucked away by devices in a standby mode.
  • Unplugging After Office Hours - Technological advancement has taken over the traditional eight hours' work day. It's become a necessity to answer emails at any point in time of the day and to always be connected. It is high time we remind ourselves that technology has a "power off" button, and we should be wise enough to know when to use that too
  • Regular Servicing of Air Conditioners - Indians are buying air-conditioners at a pace faster than ever. This is partly due to the higher disposable income and also due to the scorching summer year after year. With mercury in many cities in the country already touching over 40 degree Celsius, currently 4-5% households in India have ACs and this is expected to reach up to 15% each year to reach 7.2 million by FY20.This has led the consumer electronics companies to extend their after-sales service comprehensively to keep the products in good condition and avoid excess energy drainage due to uneven usage. 
  • Increasing the Usage of LED Lights - With an estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% compared to conventional light bulbs, LEDs considerably reduce energy depletion and thus help save money by lowering electricity bills. Although the upfront cost of LED lights is slightly higher, their energy efficiency and durability compensate for it.
  • Electronic Products in Offices Should be Upgraded to Save Energy - Certain products at the workplace consume more energy and burden with heavy electricity bills.  They use up to 50 - 90 % more energy than usual. In such scenarios, the management should go for equipment that has energy-saving features to save cost in the long run.
  • Invest More on Star Rated Consumer Durables - At the time of Initial Purchase of an electronic product, customers want to know the electrical consumption of the product. The star rating is provided for customer awareness by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) wherein EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio.
  • Increase the Usage of Copper Wire - Everyone knows that cable wires are used to transfer electromagnetic rays which are needed to run any electrical device. The Same type of wire is not used for all types of works. Some works need heavy quality of wires, and some works can be performed with medium quality too. If there is a continuous usage of low-quality wires, it could cause a short circuit and prove fatal. That’s why it is very important to use only good quality copper wires for the electric appliances.
  • Responsible Attitude - Last but not the least, it’s really important to be aware of the fact that our country is in serious need of resources to overcome the shortcomings caused by reckless wastage of resources. For a country like India, where comprehensive instances of continued economic and technological growth are almost at par with the west,  unfortunately, there has been a significantly low level of attention or awareness to bring down the effects of carbon footprints even at the basic level.It is therefore inevitable to have extensive induction about the ways to control energy drainage and come up with dynamic initiatives to keep the environment clean and green- packed with advanced technology and features, specially designed to suit the conditions with high-efficiency delivery.

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