No Office? No Problem! 5 Key Tips for Working on the Go.

Is your desk where ever you happen to have your laptop plugged in? Then learn these survival secrets.
No Office? No Problem! 5 Key Tips for Working on the Go.
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The new workplace isn't really a place, it's more a state of mind. You bounce from meeting to meeting, talk over lunch, pitch over drinks, and make your office anywhere that has a flat surface and Wi-Fi. I remote on some days and run all over the city on others.

If you want to succeed in the new frontier of business, being flexible in terms of time and space is vitally important. In my years of traveling for work domestically, internationally and within five miles of my house, these are five things I've learned about working remotely and staying sane.

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Always Be Charging. Is there a plug you can plug into? I don't care if you're at seventy percent --do it! The worst time to not have a fully-powered is during a client meeting. And you can't have your phone die when that unplanned conference call dial-in number gets texted to you. Whenever you have the chance to charge your devices, don't miss it. And if you're like me, make sure to keep a portable charger in your bag for emergencies.

Know your hot spots

I run all around every day and I have learned the importance of free Wi-Fi and a calm place to work in-between meetings. As you learn the landscape, have a running list of your favorite shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and bars where you can tuck away in a corner and get 20-60 minutes of work done during .

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Build a better work bag

My purse is my office. It's like Mary Poppins up in there. I have my laptop, laptop plug, cell phone plug, headphones, toothpaste, toothbrush, lipstick, cardigan, safety pin, hand cream, stain stick, Shout Wipes, breath mints, toothpicks, notebook, pen, pencil, mini deodorant -- and that's on a light day. Don't overdo it, but just know that the day you don't pack something is the day you will desperately need it.

Be ready to go from day to night

On meeting-packed days that will be go-go-go from breakfast muffins to cocktails, you need to find outfits that can work all day long. For my male friends, it's a solid suit. For women, this task is a bit more difficult. Great advice I was once given: "always bet on black". A little black dress lets you look professional during the day, and glamorous at night with the help of some sparkly earrings or a necklace.

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Know Your Own Way

Map out your day in advance. Will you be able to hop a subway from point A to point B or will you need a cab or Uber? Can you walk? (My favorite and most efficient method of transportation). The worst feeling is to be crisscrossing town from one meeting to another, never knowing if you'll make it on time. Having a solid plan of attack allows you to not get thrown by those unexpected challenges and hurdles that tend to get thrown in your way.

So, go forth my road warriors! This is the way business moves. Find your best way to move along with it.

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