How Child Safety Can be Advanced With the Aid of Technology

Solutions are being built in a way that will enable incidents to be reported in real time

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Technology adds another feather to its already bedecked hat as it provides a solace to parents worldwide- through its influence on modern safety system. Yes- technology can be a parent’s greatest ally as it goes out of its way to protect young souls from the getting harmed in the society.


With the turn of the century, the amount of atrocities committed on children has escalated to worrying proportions and every parent is in a constant state of anxiety and fear when their children are away from them.

Impediments to child safety

Certainly, Child safety is a key issue in our country and parents are rendered witless against such situations. What is more harrowing is that these incidents are reported from spaces where our child is supposed to be safe but is surrounded by people with malicious intentions. The truth is that each and every child needs protection and it is practically impossible for parents to safeguard them at all times. 

Technology and its role in ensuring the safety of children

Technology is the answer to providing a safe harbour to children anytime- anywhere in school; knowledge of the children’s whereabouts and communication with them are the building blocks of any safety solution. This is where the wearable connectivity devices and the power of Internet come into play.

Keeping close vigil

Constant vigilance is a key to create an ecosystem where consent and watchfulness are enshrined thoroughly. These modern marvels help parents feel involved in young one’s daily activities without even remaining physically present in the perimeter. Today’s modern-day parents juggle multiple roles with singular finesse and these technologies provide a greater boon to the modern- super parents.

Tech-enabled safety solutions can play a pivotal role

By understanding the role of technology in children’s everyday life, many companies are coming up diligent efforts that could cement a protected environment for children. With tech-enabled safety solutions for tracking child movement and sending required notifications/alerts on a real-time basis, parents can keep a check on their children’s daily activities. Through wristbands embedded with smart GPS technology, comprised of multiple functionalities such as- SOS/Panic button, tracking of the last location of the child, parents and communities with limited access can now track all concerns of the child when in school.

Concepts such as precise location tracking (outdoor/indoor), geo-fencing, contextual perspective analysis and machine learning will act as a base platform for solutions to be developed in the child safety space. These would help monitor activities, helping parents keep a strict eye, under the premise of a controlled environment. Communication turns out to be a great adversary as parents utilize them to enforce a safe haven for their children.

CCTV surveillance

While CCTV surveillance may be the stepping stone, it comes with its own set of shortcomings, in the form of blind spots. Using the technologies such as IoT and communication mechanism specifically in 4G wireless broadband will enable organisations to innovate for this cause. Solutions are being built in a way that will enable incidents to be reported in real time and help us reach the children at the right time and place.

Analysis of data for better implementation of resources

Once implemented on a large scale, the data generated through the usage of these technologies can be analysed to derive behaviour patterns. These patterns can then be used to make the safety solutions more robust and thorough, enabling organizations invested in these practices to predict potential perpetrators and prevent incidents in advance. The additional presence of automatic SOS system alerts the concerned guardians or authorities of any mishaps or forced infiltration. This helps in changing the perspective from just plain reporting to proactive prevention.

Certainly, the expansive power of IoT has created a network of billions of intelligent objects, which, when utilized smartly, can create an enormous impact in terms of making this nation a safer place for the children to grow and shine to a better tomorrow.

Gunjan Dhanuka

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Mr. Gunjan Dhanuka  is the Co-Founder and Director of Safe'O'Buddy.