MENA Investors' Forecasts for 2018: Heather Henyon, Founder, WAIN

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We picked the brains of investors looking at the Arab world for their expectations of the MENA entrepreneurial landscape in 2018, and their thoughts on sectors that we should keep an eye on next year. Here’s what Heather Henyon, founder, WAIN, and Investment Committee member, Dubai Angel Investors, told us.

Entrepreneur Middle East
Heather Henyon, founder and Managing Partner, Balthazar Capital

“In terms of predictions, I would say expect to see the launch of more women-run venture capital funds globally, but especially in the US and Europe, a continued interest and announcement of investment funds by the UAE and Saudi governments in entrepreneurship, an increase of companies being funded by tokenized offerings, as well as a few ICO fraud cases, more fintech, mobility, AI and renewable startups in MENA, and last but not least- a Careem IPO?

As for the landscape here, fintech and renewables companies in the MENA region aren’t receiving the investment focus that they deserve. Part of this is due to the complexity of fintech companies and a deeper understanding of current and planned regulation that is required. Also, women-led startups face challenges accessing capital, and it takes them twice as long to raise funds.”

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