How To Create A Personal Revolution

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We each have a unique gift and purpose to bring our own personal revolution to the world. Not bound like a tree that can go only as far as its roots will reach, we have a world of opportunity to express, conjure and create incredible ideas and game-changing products and services. If you’ve ever made anything, you’ll know what it feels like to have expressed yourself- your thoughts, emotions, concepts, beliefs and philosophies. Similarly, our products and services are a reflection of who we are and the journey we’ve been on because we were created by design- not default.


Furthermore, no two people are the same. We’re unique, which is why the motto “Be you. Everyone else is taken!” is so liberating and true. The desires that lay deep within you -those dreams, hopes and aspirations- are in there for a purpose. You were designed to create something- not just consume someone else’s creative idea.

Take note of those things you desire to experience and express- to open an orphanage, chair a football club, write a book, perform on stage, be a millionaire, be an Olympic gold medalist. None of these are by accident or by coincidence. They are there for you to discover, explore and move toward your deepest adventurous desire. An eagle was designed to soar above the clouds, not to be on the ground strutting like a chicken. As a human being, we are designed to achieve incredible things. It’s the pursuit of your desire that will get you there.

With this mindset, here’s how you go about challenging yourself in the new year:

  • Be courageous in the face of mistakes. What mistakes have you made that you need to look at in the eye and evaluate?
  • Face your fears. What areas of your life are paralyzing you to make decisions?
  • Start small. Start by making small decisions, like what you should have for dinner. When you make decisions (even small ones) you’re building a habit of empowerment.
  • Set boundaries. When we have all the time in the world, we procrastinate. Get in the habit of holding yourself accountable by setting deadlines.
  • Just do it. Each morning, I say the words “Just do it” 50 times. When an opportunity arises, you’ll find your body running before your mind can talk you out of it because your brain is programmed with “Just do it.”
  • Find a mentor or success buddy. Sometimes, we need to consider the opinion of others and we all need accountability. Seeking council is wise, but never override your gut if you feel you should go in a different direction.

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