How can Entrepreneurs Handle Stress?

Shifting your focus from others' perception of your work to the work itself will help you in being more productive and contended
How can Entrepreneurs Handle Stress?
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Entrepreneurs are known for setting their own schedule, creating their own rules, and carving the type of company that suits them. We have books and documentaries glorifying entrepreneurs. However, there is a dark side of being an entrepreneur - the lifestyle and the demands of business ownership could lead to serious mental health issues.

Entrepreneurs may often not to able to devote time to themselves and their families resulting in disturbed relations. The consequences of neglecting sleep, physical activities and leisure time could lead to depression. Receiving even a small setback could make entrepreneurs fall prey to depression, anxiety or stress.

Here I suggest you some ways which can help entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs deal with stress:

Jot Down Your Feelings

It helps to keep a track of your feelings as well as physical health. Any symptoms of tension, stress or physical exhaustion should not be ignored. If you are not able to focus or concentrate and get irritated easily, it is advisable that you seek expert advice. Always remember that everything can be improved upon and that a solution exists to every problem.

Set Boundaries

Take charge of your schedule. No doubt your entrepreneurial success requires you to devote extra time, nevertheless, do not ignore to set clear boundaries between professional and personal life. Family time, leisure time, time to work out and stay happy, healthy and fit is must.

Maintain Your Daily Routine

Maintaining a healthy daily routine is non-negotiable.

  • Atleast 30 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended.
  • Never compromise on eating well. Eating nutritious and healthy meals is non-compromisable. Instead of attempting to deal with stress with unhealthy regimes like fast food or alcohol, retort to healthy choices.
  • As much as we may ignore sleep, it is important to replenish our stamina and helps us sustain the strenuous work pressure throughout the day. For effective stress management, good and quality sleep is the must.
  • Minimise intake of caffeine for effective sleep. Also minimise stimulating activities, such as working on computer or watching TV, at night.
  • Make time for your hobbies and favourite activities.
  • It is no harm to take short nap during daytime.
  • Take breaks during work. Working uninterruptedly for long hours can decrease productivity. Schedule breaks throughout the day to take short walks, stretch at your desk or do a breathing exercise. This will also help you get relieved of stress.


It is absolutely necessary to incorporate relaxation techniques in your schedule. Once in a while, party hard, go out and socialize with friends/family, or join dance classes. Just indulge in anything that brings you closer happiness.

Do not Ignore Health Issues

Do not ignore any previous or emerging health issues. Medication must be taken on time. Regular visits to the doctor, if needed, must be made. Never ignore the importance of seeking right medical attention at the right time.

Do Not Subject Yourself to Self-Imposed Stress

Build upon your self-confidence rather than seeking other's approval. Only when you are able to shift your focus from others' perception of your work to the work itself, you are more likely to do better.

Reach Out To Someone

If stressed, do not hesitate to talk to the people close to you. Seek medical attention and see a counselor/psychiatrist at the right time. Do not let your stress aggravate into something more harmful and callous.

Be Satisfied With Your Work

You may not see where you wanted to see yourself immediately, nevertheless, believe in yourself.

Just keep progressing towards your goal. You may want to re-align your strategies, that's okay. But as long as you are putting in efforts, do not feel demotivated.

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