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Try This Breathwork Technique to Unlock New Ways of Problem-Solving

On this episode of "The Jeff Fenster Show," breathwork expert Francesca Simpa shares how the practice can help with emotional healing and personal growth.

Business Ideas

You Will Fail at Risk-Taking Unless You Follow These 5 Strategies

Succeeding in business and life always involves a degree of risk. Knowing how to take risks, when, and how to mitigate risks is essential to finding success.


Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Follow These Tips to Prevent It From Turning Into Burnout.

When you're passionate about your work, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Take these tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnout.


Employees Are Burning Out — and the Culprit Isn't What You Think

There's a type of stress that has a huge impact on employees' health, work performance and personal lives. Here's what it is and what you can do to combat it, both for yourself and your employees.

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Stress Buster: Leverage the Benefits of Non-Clinical Art Therapy with This $40 App

Therapeutic, art-based exercises utilize hundreds of original works of art to add a blend of positive benefits to the experience.


Practice the Powerful 'Morning 3' for a Focused and Satisfying Day, Says Google's Executive Productivity Advisor

Laura Mae Martin, author of the forthcoming book 'Uptime: A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity and Wellbeing,' shares her strategies for success.


Unlock Your Mind's Potential With AI and Brainwave Training

Dr. Patrick Porter shares insights on brain frequencies and brainwave entrainment, explaining how they help us manage stress and anxiety.

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A Year with YogaDownload Is Only $30 Right Now

Get access to an online platform with more than 1,500 yoga and fitness classes for users to access whenever they want.

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You Can Train Your Brain to React to Stressful Situations Better. Here's the 3-Step Process.

Don't panic. Train yourself into mental clarity.

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Did You Mess Up? Use This Astronaut's "30-Second Rule" to Feel Better and Refocus

Go ahead, beat yourself up. But not for too long.


7 Most Common Stresses (and Relief Strategies) for Franchise Owners

Understanding the sometimes tense dynamics between franchisees and franchisors will help you navigate the relationship in good times and bad.


10 Things You Can Do to De-Stress and Refocus

You'll build wealth more easily when your business decisions are based on data rather than emotions.

Thought Leaders

You'll Never Achieve Work-Life Balance — and You Shouldn't, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Says

Take a peek inside the serial entrepreneur and investor's routine on the road and at home — and see how he navigates all of his responsibilities ahead of the birth of his second child with Serena Williams.

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Petting Another Person's Dog for 10 Minutes Can Reduce Stress

The science behind why interacting with even other people's pups can boost your physical and mental health.

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Get a Lifetime of Tailored Piano Instruction From This $150 AI App

Perhaps the best part: Learn to play on your own time.