This Car-fanatic Ends his Week by Smashing Few Balls at The Court

Luxury connoisseur Ritesh Srivastava, ends a busy week by volleying a few shots on the squash court.

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Luxury connoisseur Ritesh Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, Elitify, ends a busy week by volleying a few shots on the squash court. “The game is extremely rejuvenating and also helps me to stay fit,” he adds. This fitness enthusiast is also an avid traveler, car fanatic, and a huge cricket fan.

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The sports you enjoy most

Cricket and Squash

How often do you play Squash?

Over the weekends or whenever I find time

Your favorite sports star

Sachin Tendulkar

Any Squash legend with whom you would like to play a game or two?

I would love to share the court with English Squash pro-Nick Matthew

Brands you love the most

Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton

One thing you always carry

My sunglasses Favorite Singer Kishore Kumar

Favorite City

Florence, Italy

Favorite Cuisine


Drink you like to be served

Cabernet Sauvignon

Your style statement

Balancing fashion with comfort

Most addictive gadget

My iPhone

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