Umidigi And Its Z2 Pro, CEO's Most Ambitious Creation

Did you ever think what the founder of a Smartphone company goes through to make our lives much easier?
Umidigi And Its Z2 Pro, CEO's Most Ambitious Creation
Image credit: Umidigi

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We all own a Smartphone which has made our lives convenient and comfortable. Mobile phones have gone through years and years of updates to becoming phones which can carry out any task needed. With a touch of a button, you can order groceries, book a cab, speak on the phone and even read this article from Entrepreneur magazine's website while traveling on the train to work. Thank god for Smartphones!

Did you ever think what the founder of a Smartphone company goes through to make our lives much easier?

Johnny Zhang, the founder of UMIDIGI, is a serial innovator who has been a geek since his school days and now the proud founder of one of China’s ten biggest smartphone brands.

Johnny Zhang is one who brings the cool in geeks through his silent persona but confident nature and Umidigi Z2 Pro and its VIP Variant is his newest and most ambitious product!

Hard Work Pays Off

The Hardworking student Johnny Zhang graduated in Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. When asked if he was popular in University? He smiled and replied with one word “No!”

Johnny Zhang, regretted every passing day after university as getting a job was difficult. Zhang, however, was street smart and would listen and observe more than he spoke.

“One day while sitting at a café near my house, sipping Chinese tea by myself I overheard a couple, who were very much in love. Before leaving, they said to each other ‘Thank god for our mobiles otherwise we would only meet once in a year like this.’

It was during the year of 2012 that his life took a turn when he took the risk of founding UMIDIGI Smartphones, where he never looked back since. He remembered the conversation of the couple and how the Smartphone helped them in communicating whenever they wanted to. 

Johnny Zhang keeps his door open and believes in employees approaching him anytime during the day to discuss ideas.

“Discussing ideas and sharing of knowledge is a very important culture of UMIDIGI.”

Umidigi’s Z2 Pro

Umidigi Z2 Pro is the latest flagship from the brand and the most ambitious project as well. With the Top class Notch Design, Almost Edge-to-Edge screen ratio and an impressive set of Specifications, the smartphone is all set to capture the market. Also, Z2 Pro is lined up with a “VIP” version as well, which features color combo like Carbon Black and Ceramic Black. The Key specs of the Z2 Pro are:-

  • Helio P60 Chipset(AI Processor)
  • 6GB Ram and 128GB Internal and Extension upto 256GB
  • QUAD AI Camera(16MP+8MP)
  • 6.2” FHD+ Display

The predecessor of Z2 Pro, Umidigi Z2 had a similar rear design like Honor 10, a ultra shiny back with viewing different colors from different angles, it was called the Twilight variant of Z2 and the Pro will also have that color with a few more variants to impress consumers, the VIP variant of it comes with amazing Ceramic Black and Carbon Black! Equipped with AI-driven Helio P60, Z2 Pro’s brilliance starts with the inside engineering and extends to everything you touch. With deep-learning face detection and real-time photo enhancement UMIDIGI Z2 Pro has a beautiful mind that can learn and act instinctively.

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro uses a AI enabled dual-lens module (16MP+8MP), an S5K2P7 rear camera sensor, big 1.12μm pixels, and a large optical format 1/1.28'' to help take gorgeous photos in all situations, day or night.The below photograph was taken with the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro. In short, the phone is worth your try and is definitely a worthy competition to the Flagships out there from a few Well-Known brands.

UMIDIGI’S  Difference

The smartphone market has several companies making a short-term impact but unable to sustain for years.  For example, Blackberry started off becoming a popular brand of smartphones amongst people. However, the style, design, and capabilities did not stay up to date.

Zhang has an experience of 15 years which has gained him enough analytical knowledge of the consumer electronics market today. The experience of him and his ‘dream team’ as he calls it has kept UMidigi on top with its innovative products like the UMidigi Z2 and Z2 Pro.

“My team and I ensure that each product has its unique specialty and is up to date with modern technologies. The Z2 Pro brings a unique design with the perfect blend of hardware and software which keeps the user comfortable while using and keeps the excitement always when  browsing.”

Forget the iPhone and Samsungs; the Umidigi Z2 Pro has wireless charging capabilities along with a glass material as the cover which has different colour effects under different lighting conditions.

“A phone like the Z2 Pro is ideal for a businessman or a student given the different types of advantages it has.”

What Next for UMIDIGI?

Zhang is not technologically savvy he is smart with his business tactics too. He has understood that to keep expenses down and target growing markets, he has already established operations in Bangladesh.

“Countries like China and India have more than half of the world’s population, and so we have expanded operations into a country close to India which is Bangladesh. We will soon set up a research and development facility in India, as many talents are emerging from here.”

The smartphone industry made its mark in 2007 with Apple’s iPhone and Android in late 2008. By 2020 there will be around 1.7 billion units being shipped according to projections and by 2021 40% of the world’s population is bound to own a smartphone.

Johnny Zhang already has one significant benefit, and that is a quarter of all smartphone users in the world are located in China. He denies the advantages and concludes by saying, “As the current Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang says ‘Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.’ Innovation is the art of surviving in the competitive smartphone industry.”

Umidigi is very ambitious about the success of Z2 Pro and are looking forward for a great response from the consumers. It is a great device with features and hardware that can leave a lot of smartphones behind with similar or even much costlier than this. The phone is right now on Presale in GearBest so go! Book your piece right now!

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