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This 9-Year-Old Wrote to Taco Bell Asking Why They Don't Deliver. Now She is Going to Speak at Its Annual Convention.

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The savviest entrepreneurs know that if you can take a specific problem that is affecting you and solve it on a universal scale, you’re well on your way to success.

Courtesy of Cindy Prevo
Kinsley James

This was a strategy that third grader Kinsley Lynn James recently learned first hand. When the 9-year-old from Michigan was thwarted in her attempt to convince her mom to take her and her siblings to Taco Bell, she decided to go to the source and a write a letter to the company explaining why they should hop to it and implement a delivery service.

Her full letter reads as follows.

Dear Taco Bell,

Today I really wanted tacos but my mean mom wouldn’t take me and I’m only nine so I can’t drive to get some myself. I would like to give you some reasons why you should deliver. One reason I (believe) that Taco Bell should deliver is because what if someone just had surgery and can’t drive and they have no family to bring them any. Reason 2 What if someone doesn’t have a car but really wants to buy your stuff but can’t get (there). Reason 3 Or if (you’re feeling lazy) but really want nacho fries? Reason 4 What if someone is too sick and just needs a taco but (doesn’t) feel like leaving (their) house. Reason 5 Think about the people who have (too) much to do or are on a lunch break and don’t have an extra 20 (minutes) to drive (there). In conclusion this is why I (believe) that Taco Bell should have delivery. This is a good way to make more money.

Sincerely, Kinsley Lynn James

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Kinsley’s mom, Cindy Prevo, posted the letter on Facebook and it caught the company’s attention, leading to Kinsley being invited to read the letter on stage at Taco Bell's annual convention in Las Vegas at the end of September for an audience of 400 franchisees.

Prevo told WMUR 9 that Kinsley had recently learned how to write persuasive essays at school and had been putting then new skill to the test.

“Like reasons you should let me get my hair dyed or why I should be ungrounded and get my phone back,” explained Prevo. “This one was definitely the best written and she really thought it out...If she can listen to her teacher and write this way, well enough to be recognized, I would hope it gives every little kid inspiration and motivation to follow a thought or a dream.”

And at least for the immediate future, Kinsley’s dream of Taco Bell delivery will soon be realized. The company is currently operating a pilot program and Indianapolis with plans to expand nationwide.

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