Robotics: A Threat to Manpower?

The robots shall also be able to perform surgeries and operations in the health sector and according to several studies, they shall overtake humans with their skill and proficiency

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The advancement of the technology in today’s times has overcome all the barriers and has become a necessity for us and the several generations to come. The emergence of technology took place to ease out our lives and eliminate the geographical and communication barriers and glitches, just with a click of a mouse. This technological boon also saves time, energy and money with sales and purchases facilitated worldwide from any corner of the world. This also promotes exchanges between the countries and currency by elevating their exports and imports.


Changes in the Process

Not only this, the continuously dynamic technology has eliminated the standardised jobs like those of banks and post office through digitalization due to which there is a fall in the people going the customary way. Most of the country’s population has upgraded themselves with technology and visions for a faster and a rapid route.

Less Human Error

The automated functions and that previously required employees are now being substituted by the self-service kiosks and newer machines. The everyday jobs of data entries, bookkeeping and analytics are also being computerized and programmed. The influx of Artificial Intelligence in this era really helps in elevating the platform of businesses in India along with effective and efficient results. This has also resulted in less human errors and intervention.  

Decreased Dependency on Human Labour

This convenience is now undergoing its transition as a dependency. This dependency is in turn, reducing the importance and significance of humans. There are innumerable instances so as to how reliant, we as individuals have become on Technology. The next-gen technology or the robots are going to eliminate the hassles but are also going to be a threat too. With this change, the world’s biggest market players have also started shedding their employees in vast chunks.

Robotics Has Increased the Work Efficiency

The novel technologies or the robotics shall help in improving work efficiencies and better delivery of services to the customers while enhancing the eminence and eminence of work. They shall undertake most of the IT sector of the country and most of the jobs that are repetitive in nature. These jobs which are more prone to human errors and mistakes are at the verge and technologically threatened.

Missing the Huaman Intellect

The technology like computers and tabloids do not have the power or the ability to think, reason and react whereas, the robotics have the skill to judge and even decide too. The day is not far, where the robots shall also outperform humans in rational, mindful tasks and functions.

Employee Turnover

To be practical, the robotics shall eliminate the problems associated with manpower like employee turnover, health issues, inaccuracy and uncertainties. Along with this, it shall also be able to perform tasks with a lot of flexibility, efficiency and will do multiple things at one time. They can also work in any environment and there shall be no need to provide them with any unions or labour laws.

The robots shall also be able to perform surgeries and operations in the health sector and according to several studies, they shall overtake humans with their skill and proficiency. They shall also be able to perform tasks with less pain and discomfort too.