How Can Content Intelligence Drive Your Marketing Strategy?

This revolutionary content marketing technology helps marketers identify quick wins to boost content growth

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Content is the king. But how often do we witness even the best of contents not resonating with our audiences? What would be your content marketing strategy if the audience’s engagement patterns are not matching up with your creative inputs? Well, you can always work on the quality aspect; look at different ways to present your content, probably through graphics or videos etc.

But each of your efforts would eventually zero down to one question, what works the best for your platform? And that’s when content intelligence would come into play. The new-age content marketing strategy has today, become a buzzword among the marketing population. No, it has nothing to do with science fiction. Just the amalgamation of artificial intelligence into your content strategy would make the cut.

That’s right! Content intelligence is typically about leveraging the software and data science to bring valuable insights to marketers for building relevant content strategy and tactics. Ryan Skinner of Forrester has defined it as a “technology that helps content understand itself — what it’s about, how it speaks, how effective it is at accomplishing certain goals, what emotions it calls to mind, etc.”


Why & How to Leverage Content Intelligence?

The technology helps marketers with a lot more objective data to guide them through the creation of an effective content strategy. The first and foremost step to be able to make that happen is collecting the data from various sources. Internal data could be accessible from analytics to CRM to marketing automation to business intelligence systems; the external one would be equally needed for better analysis.

Instead of using one of the two perspectives, content intelligence uses them all. It drills down into your data related to demographics, customer preferences and insights from historical content to help you produce content your audience will resonate with. The technology would help you determine which content would work best if promoted, how social media sharing can be leveraged among answering the other queries.

According to Google, 56 per cent of the leading marketers has agreed that data-backed decisions work better in comparison to the ones based on gut instincts and experience. The mentioned technology provides you with the room to improve your content. Having a robust content intelligence platform allows you to identify problem areas and act on them quickly.

For a further understanding of the concept, kindly refer to the following infographic by Spiralytics, a creative digital marketing company:

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