Green Is The New Black: The Gravitational Move Towards Organic & Natural

Indian consumers have consistently been gravitating towards organic and natural ingredients in products and here's why Green is the next big thing
Green Is The New Black: The Gravitational Move Towards Organic & Natural
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 An increasing number of industries have been making the careful shift to eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable systems and it is about time. A testament to this is the steadily growing demand for natural and environment-friendly products that a large number of brands are scrambling to meet.

Understanding The Market

The Indian consumer market – from cosmetics and skincare to tea and soft drinks – has found that wider access to the internet, the desire for better grooming and social consciousness are increasingly shaping choices in the market. Cementing this observation is the recent International Lifestyles Survey 2019 by Euromonitor, which studies consumer patterns globally. It found that 65% of shoppers were mindful of the organic ingredients used in the products, 66% were motivated by their 'natural' nature, and 67% of respondents ranked the environment-consciousness and eco-friendliness of brands as the highest parameter while shopping.

Euromonitor reviews emerging fast-moving trends that are on their way to gaining traction shortly, providing insights into changing consumer values and priorities and exploring the shifts in consumer behavior its effects on business globally

The Entrepreneurial & Consumer Shift

 In complete agreement of the numbers revealed by the International Lifestyles Survey, Deepshikha Deshmukh, the founder of Love Organically says she has seen a visible shift in people wanting to opt for more environment-friendly products. 

“Apart from becoming increasingly conscious about their beauty standards, Indian consumers have consistently been gravitating towards organic and natural ingredients in products. The awareness that many remedies can be found locally and through harmless processes has helped drive people’s choices," Deepshikha adds.

Growth In Sustainable & Eco-friendly Products

In the past 5 years we have seen the growth of e-commerce in India, pointing out the same Karishma Kansagra, Co-founder of Herb Island said, “The growth of e-commerce is the primary reason for the shift & demand that we have seen in organic, natural & eco-friendly lifestyle products. The consumer has been more conscious & aware than ever before which has driven the revolution in the beauty industry and has increased the demand of formulations that are effective & organic as well as the packaging is sustainable & eco-friendly,”

“Mass-produced beauty products are like one for all products, but natural & organic formulations are designed for specific concerns & needs, which the one factor that makes a customer feel important. The change & demand has compelled the giants of the beauty industry also to offer more botanically derived formulations,” she adds. 

The Ethical Purchase

The International Lifestyles Survey also highlighted the importance of ethical purchases, as 54% of online respondents globally believed that the manufacturing process of a product also has a say in their purchase decisions. Additionally, 62% of the respondents surveyed, said that recyclability influenced their purchases, while 59% said supporting a charitable cause was a key factor while shopping.

Taking about responsibility and the importance of brands thinking about growth in not just terms of business Deshmukh explained how her brand functions.  

A part of her brand’s profits goes to Snehwan - a non-profit organization that provides educational empowerment to marginalized children of drought-affected farmers. She points out how as consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, become increasingly environmentally conscious, they are seeking out companies that employ sustainable practices. 

“It is important for companies to recognize these megatrends and set up strategies to tackle shifts in consumer demand,” she said. 

Understanding The CSR 

Supporting the same Kansagra said how brands have also moved towards eco-friendly packing options of paper & glass materials and started encouraging recycling of plastics ones. 

“The humanity aspect of the brand also appeals to the consumers, where CSR was initially just for the corporates but now even start-ups have started contributing their bit towards issues that are not only close to their heart but also that represents their brand. Increase in awareness of global warming & saving the planet is also a contributing factor for more consumers making the shift towards green & sustainable,” she said. 

Having said, with so many herbal and natural products flooding the market, it seems obvious that green indeed is the new black.  

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