#7 Ways To Tackle HR Challenges In 2020

Recruiters have a huge responsibility of finding the appropriate candidate as per the required job description and here's how they can do it

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There was a time when recruiters placed a job description and anticipated that the vacant position will be filled spontaneously. However, in this time of talent confrontation, it has become tough to find the right candidate for the job. Also, there are numerous challenges that recruiters face in the current set-up. As you embrace the beginning of a new decade, it is critical to understand that the Recruitment industry is expected to experience new challenges. Preparing yourself in advance is always a good idea to tackle some known and some unknown problems. This is mainly due to the ever-changing prerequisites of the job markets. At this stage, it has become precarious to understand that the recruitment industry may experience new challenges in the coming days. Understanding that, it becomes imperative to know the trends that may be useful in confronting the recruitment challenges in the coming year. According to research by TalentLyft, there are some substantial challenges of the recruitment industry, which businesses should be conscious of.


Here are the five ways to tackle the recruitment challenges in 2020:

Try Defining the Job Role Clearly

It is very essential to choose the right candidate for the job. As a recruiter, you need to understand that it is the candidate's expertise, outlook, and toil that will define the triumph of the organization. The right employee can help in accomplishing objectives by his/her capacity. For a job role, it is vital to be clear what you are looking for as an organization and also what you will be offering to the future employee for his/ her growth. Treating a well-defined all-encompassing the job description helps in attracting the candidates well -suited for the role. As a candidate, anybody looks for growth prospects. As a recruiter, you need to fathom this idea. The recruiter should also emphasis more on the candidates' adeptness.

Choose the Candidate Based on Potentials 

Recruiters should look beyond the previous experiences of the candidate. It is important to pay emphasis to qualities like communication, motivation levels, team working skills, working under pressure, etc. Things such as a candidate's willingness to learn new things, suppleness to adapt within a new industry can prove to be vital in the growth of the organization. There are certain psychometric tests that help in determining these aspects of the candidate’s personality. Just looking at the experience may again end up recruiting the wrong candidate sometimes.

Not Losing Focus on Passive Candidates 

The recruiter must always keep a record of previously applied candidates. This allows them to reach out to candidates who may not have fitted into a particular requirement in the past but maybe the right bet now. Also, there are some candidates who currently may not be acted out but may consider one, if offered the right role. Try focusing on these candidates. Recruiters have a huge responsibility of finding the appropriate candidate as per the required job description. On many occasions, they find this task challenging because they interview candidates based on certain perceptions. For instance, many recruiters limit themselves and only give preference to the candidate’s past experience. By doing this, they are probably ignoring other attributes like their communication style, motivation level, etc. Often, further assessments have proved that a particular candidate has matched the job requirements despite some shortcomings in their profile. Hiring managers might just be able to tackle this challenge if they start looking at distinctive abilities such as candidate’s readiness to learn new things, flexibility to adapt within a new industry, etc.

Investing in Improving Brand Equity of the Organization 

Creating the brand value of the company is one of the most important recruitment tools. The candidates want to do more purposeful work and work with better companies the recruiters must try to craft the brand value and culture of the company. As a recruiter, you can tell the candidates how joining the company can boost their careers and add value to them as a professional. At the same time, you should explain the candidate the growth hierarchy of the organization, career path available for the role they are in, upskilling opportunities available, training platforms the organization provides and very well endorse every small and noteworthy incentives of the organization.

Use of Videos in Recruitment as the Upcoming Trend

It is time to move the recruitment experience forward. As per the demographics – 5 Billion videos watched on YouTube every day, 100 Mn hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day if you have a page on the internet with video expect 260per cent more time spent on that page as compared to plain text – Gen Z is the new working gen. They have different ideas. They are the largest demographic in work today. They want to have a social conscience. They want engaging content in video format. The need is not to promote the company brand and culture through a video rather than just a job description. If you send a mail campaign and a video expect a 300per cent increase in click-through rate.

Keeping Abreast with the Latest Technologies 

The generation of candidates today are digital natives who want to be delivered information not seek it out and in a form that they are familiar with. As a recruiter, you must keep yourself updated with the latest technological developments in the field of recruitment and also realize how you can leverage that to achieve better results. AI is the buzzword and is creating waves in the recruitment world, the recruiter must cognize that it is imperative to be up to date with the latest trends in recruitment (eg: utilizing social media channels, the importance of videos in recruitment etc.).  It rather requires a new kink that may help you as a recruiter in a more effective manner.

Outdated Recruitment Software Such as ATS

You are being introduced to new technology with every passing day. And with every innovation, you look forward to making life simpler and faster. Would you want your business to lag behind just because you did not keep pace with the updated technology? Your hiring process also needs technological overhaul so that you do not miss out on employing great talent. Recruitment software such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has proven to be an excellent tool for the hiring process in the past. But you need to understand that this software is no longer considered intelligent enough to scrutinize resumes and applications of potential candidates. The application process needs to be simplified and at the same time, solve your purpose. It should be integrated with various social media platforms and should be able to perform regular updates to remain in sync with the rapidly changing technology and market scenario.