How Artificial Intelligence Is Countering Data Protection Challenges Facing Organizations

AI technology can help enterprises in endpoint security, data privacy and against phishing, malware and ransomware attacks.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Countering Data Protection Challenges Facing Organizations
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Experts believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future as it has the potential to transform everything right from healthcare to space exploration. Enterprises have already started looking at ways to utilize AI to process and protect data. Some of you might have heard the term ‘big data’. Big data is based mainly on AI and machine learning (ML), and is not only useful in collecting data, but in data protection too.

AI In End Point Data Protection

Endpoint security has come a long way over the years right from using an anti-virus solution to using AI for data protection from cybercriminals. With the use of AI, end-point security is taken to the next level as AI can quickly detect, block and analyze attacks and perform extensive behavioral analysis. AI in endpoint data protection can provide a lot of benefits including:

  • Immediately notify when it detects any kind of unauthorized behavior from applications running in your information systems or network services.
  • Automatically blocks all kinds of suspicious websites and actions even before they get executed.
  • Analyze and automatically stop all kinds of unauthorized data transactions.
  • Monitor your sandboxes and report any kind of suspicious activity in your app data.
  • In the event of a security attack, AI combined with ML can help in quickly rolling back to the previously working and secure endpoint.
  • Quickly analyze and isolate any suspicious endpoints and data processes.

AI-Powered Data Protection Solutions

Robust data protection is a critical safeguard for enterprises to protect their data and other assets. AI tools are now available that help in providing predictive insights on data behavior using advanced AI algorithms. These tools not only help organizations in analyzing historical data and behavioral analysis, but they can also provide operational support even before the attack is carried out.

AI In Protecting Data from Phishing and Social Engineering

Effective implementation of AI-driven data security can help in quickly identifying any anomalies or suspicious links in the email. These solutions scan every email message completely including metadata, message content, links, and attachments. They check to see if the sender is blacklisted and examine the subject. Any sign of urgency or promotions is almost a warning sign for a phishing email.

Apart from the subject and the sender address, AI-driven tools check the message context as well in determining a relationship between the content and the subject as well. AI and ML play a massive role in behavioral analysis which largely helps in fighting phishing and social engineering attacks.

AI In Protection of Data from Malware/Ransomware/APTs

AI combined with ML can be put to greater use in running through large chunks of historical data to generate predictive patterns. It can be used to create a counter-attack measure whenever it detects any deviation in the patterns. Various enterprises are making use of AI to monitor user data workflows as it helps them identify and respond to attacks immediately. Using AI, enterprises can take endpoint security to the next level in:

  • Offering real-time analysis and monitoring
  • Developing intrusion-detection systems
  • Analyzing and monitoring data patterns
  • Providing extensive analysis of historical data
  • Assisting in capturing vast chunks of data from various external sources

Hence, employing AI can significantly help enterprises to get complete control and protection from malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.

AI In Protecting Privacy

AI-driven data privacy and protection can largely help enterprises to identify all sensitive data and track and control all data movement within and outside the enterprise. AI with ML will play a huge role in analyzing and monitoring the risks involved for all sensitive data in the organization.

AI-driven technology can help in the protection and monitoring of all personal data to make sure that the organization is always in compliance and control with all privacy standards and guidelines.


As we’ve seen, AI is slowly emerging as a great ally for enterprises in data protection. Data security incidents are on the rise and AI can largely help in identifying potential threats and protect sensitive data of organizations to a great extent. While the impact of AI can be felt in every aspect of people’s day to day life in the future, it certainly raises a few questions on data privacy as well. But there is a lot of research going on using AI to provide a complete security layer over your personal and critical data.

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