Kuwait's Cybersys Wants To Offer You A Platform To Optimize Your Business

Cybersys is a SaaS company on a mission to deliver the best point of sale application.

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Abduwlahab Al Refai, founder and Partner, Cybersys

Launched in 2017 by Abdulwahab M. Al Refai, Cybersys is a SaaS company on a mission to deliver the best point of sale application. Originally created for a small fragrance shop in order to help it keep track of sales, the platform has since grown to cater to a number of small businesses in Kuwait.

The platform offers data analytics, customer loyalty programs, data management through a cloud solution, inventory, sales tax and customer tracking, e-commerce integration, purchasing orders, cash management, delivery management and more. Currently, it is used in bakeries, spas, salons, lawyer’s office, pharmacies, carwash shops, bookstores, restaurants and more.

On the startup's growth, Al Refai says that it's been driven by three main pillars. First is their proactive communication approach for clients, next is by proactively identifying pain points and providing solutions, and finally, by setting and meeting expectations. As for what’s next, Al Refai says the startup is currently on the look out for investors to boost the growth of their business.   

Source: Cybersys

Excerpts from a conversation with Abdulwahab M. Al Refai, founder and Partner, Cybersys

What has been the most negative feedback on your products/services/business solutions that you have received, and how did you go about it?

Most negative feedbacks are mostly about renewal and grace periods with our clients in terms of subscriptions.  We usually give a three days grace period after reminders via email and SMS before a month and then after a week. Some clients however want more time which we cannot give or do so. For that we have now a one-week grace period for renewals.

What are some of the main considerations that entrepreneurs should keep when starting up a business in Kuwait and why?

Starting a new business can be a frustrating task. There are many difficult issues a new entrepreneur will encounter like legal issues, financing, marketing, product development, intellectual property, human resources the list is endless. Many new entrepreneurs are simply overwhelmed by all the things they are expected to know.

What are some of the opportunities that you see available in the Kuwaiti market today and what would be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs in Kuwait should focus on building a great product or service that people will love, but don’t take forever to launch. Your product or service has to be at least good, if not great, to start out with. It has to be differentiated in some meaningful and important way from your competitors offerings‎. All else follows from this principle. Don’t dawdle on getting your product out to the market, as early customer feedback is one of the best ways to help improve it, but you do want a minimally viable product to begin with and execute.

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