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This Company Utilizes AI to Maximize Customer Acquisition

Spectrm uses conversational marketing to gather data, engage with customers, and convert them in real-time.

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Data rules everything in business, something that every entrepreneur knows intimately. But not all data is the same. What the sales data says about one industry may be completely different in another. To truly scale your business, you need to gather your own customer data and discover how to personalize it to acquire new customers and turn existing customers into lifetime ones.


That's easier said than done. You can use myriad data mining tools to track and gather demographic, interest-based, and behavioral data, but that just helps you assume what potential customers want as a group. It doesn't help you understand what each of your customers want specifically. Turning that audience data into personalized advertising and marketing initiatives is also expensive, time-consuming, and clunky. And yet, 80 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from your brand when the customer experience is personalized.

So, how do you turn data into an enhanced, personalized customer acquisition and retention program? By connecting with consumers where they already are, collecting data on their preferences and using it to personalize your marketing in a real-time conversation. The average social media user spends nearly two and a half hours every day on their social channels. As such, messaging has emerged as one of the best ways for brands to connect with and convert customers.

Spectrm's conversational AI and chatbot marketing tools make that easier than ever. Consumers expect online marketing to be relevant to them, and for their buying experiences to be effortless and instantaneous. Spectrm automates one-on-one conversations at scale with chatbots, allowing you to engage with customers where they're already spending their time online in a way that feels natural to them. That means you get high-performance marketing chatbots that convert customers across Facebook and Google ad networks. With machine learning technology that helps your chatbot understand your unique customers and get smarter over time. Chatbots make shopping, app discovery, and lead generation experiences fun for customers, while powerful analytics help you optimize the sales funnel, segment customers accordingly, and automatically scale your operations. What once required a multi-team, extensive effort to personalize ecommerce is now consolidated into one automated workflow.

Whether you're looking to drive more sales, acquire more leads, explain complex products, provide loyal customers with new offers, or practically anything else, Spectrm's conversational marketing tools help you reach consumers where they spend their time online. Every data point collected in conversation is actionable using Spectrm's conversational intelligence tools, so the value you can generate is virtually limitless.

Find out how Spectrm powered some of the best performing Facebook and Google messaging case studies ever, and how it can help overhaul your brand's acquisition and marketing efforts. Check them out today.