This Entrepreneur Takes High-Yield Real Estate To The Next Level

Xavier Preterit has been accredited by the French government as a member of the jury for the delivery of professional titles to adult coaches

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We have interviewed Xavier Preterit, a French real estate investment coach and expert, an entrepreneur and the author of two best-selling books. With an internationally recognised expertise, he regularly speaks as an expert in the specialised conferences. He has been accredited by the French government as a member of the jury for the delivery of professional titles to adult coaches.

Xavier Preterit

Xavier, you used to be a dental technician and, now, you are an internationally recognised high-yield property investor. Can you tell us about your background?

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted a different life. Except that, like most people, my parents pushed me to have a classical path. This can be summarised as going to school and getting a job. So, I was employed and I liked my job. But, after a while, I couldn't be satisfied with my rhythm. There was always this little voice which was telling me to start my own business. So, I chose real estate because it is one of the few ways to start from scratch. Real estate has no face, it doesn't look at where you come from, the name of your parents or the colour of your skin in order to invest.

We can say that you are one of the precursors of the democratisation of real estate investment in France. Can you explain your motivations?

I think that if I have managed to get by with my small salary, anyone can do the same. I'm not smarter or more clever than anyone else. It's a spirit of sharing. My greatest pride is to see the people I have accompanied being able to emancipate themselves. This is why I share my expertise with as many people as possible through my interventions, books and columns in the international magazines. My goal is to reach as many people as possible so that they can change their lives.

What do you think makes your approach different?

My approach consists of providing top of the range coaching. I take into account all the different aspects of my clients: their patterns of consumption, goals and current situation. Our clients are considered on a case-by-case basis. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to define a precise and personalised action plan for each of them. This is how we have been able to help hundreds of thousands of people, from the employees to the self-employed, and even top athletes, to make a living from real estate.

And at the moment, what project are you working on?

At the moment, being based in Miami, I have decided to extend my expertise in the luxury real estate in this area. Thus, I also accompany my customers so that they can invest in the profitable real estate in the state of Florida. The approach remains the same: a top of the range coaching which is also personalised for each customer. The real estate market in America is currently prosperous and my customers trust me thanks to all that I have accomplished in this field. It is with great pleasure that I have introduced it in the American market. There is a tendency in our society to believe that it is only for others, but I am a living proof that high-yield real estate investment is accessible to everyone. Of course, that doesn't happen like that, from one day to the next, but this field is still in full expansion.