How Four Brothers Came to Start Consumer-Focused Health and Wellness Company

Part of the MIKO mission is to help people carry out their big ideas while staying grounded

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Four brothers, Albert, Elliot, Raymond and Dave Arazi, founded Miko with the intention of improving more than just people's health and general wellness. Instead, they wanted to form a company that holistically supported well-being from the products they sell to the functions they deliver.

Company Handout

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the brothers saw how tough it can be to get ahead in the caffeine-fueled rat race we see today. They watched their friends and experienced themselves, the exhaustion induced by the constant get up and go required by society. Simultaneously, they watched people purchasing subpar products to help with relaxation and wellness.

After doing quite a bit of research, they landed on the idea to provide people with quality health-focused products, starting from the ground up. The first line of products they decided to tackle was the foot massager. The quartet was determined to overcome the profit and loss centric attitude of the consumer goods industry. So, they focused on finding a manufacturer that was as dedicated to serving people's needs as they were.

As a result, they developed a line of high-quality foot massagers and one back and body massager that will out-massage most of the low to mid-end products on the market. Their customer-centric attitude made the massagers a big success, and the brothers went to work on their next line of products.

MIKO Product Development Phase 2

Part of the MIKO mission is to help people carry out their big ideas while staying grounded. They had already produced a product for the part of the body closest to the ground, the feet. Then the rest of the body with their body massager. So, they moved to the lungs because breathing well significantly affects how people feel.

In fact, the European Environment Agency recently released a report saying that polluted air reduces peoples' productivity, increases medical costs and is a serious threat to human nature and health. Studies and reports like this supported the brothers' ideas about clean breathing, and they developed a line of air purifiers and humidifiers.

The development process went similarly to the massagers. First, they sought to deliver the highest possible quality at prices everyone could afford. Then MIKO launched their air purifier and humidifier line with success.

MIKO Today

Today MIKO continues to emphasize the importance of natural wellness. They also plan to develop and launch many more products that give people the energy and balance they need to carry on day-to-day in high-stress environments. Their long-term plan is to offer consumers a way to relax and rejuvenate completely. They started from toe to head, moved into the lungs and have plans for much more because, "You must take care of yourself first before you can take better care of others. A healthier body and mind also bring you more energy to pour into your passions," MIKO.

You can find MIKO products online and at Sam's Club. They have the MIKO website and an Amazon store. So, if you are looking for ways to decompress or have a better sense of general well-being, check out the products at MIKO today!