Actor Kubbra Sait On How Charlie Chaplin, Andre Agassi Shaped Her

Actor Kubbra Sait's debut book, 'Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir' published by HarperCollins, released on June 27.

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Actor Kubbra Sait's debut book, 'Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir' published by HarperCollins, released on June 27. It talks about her growing up years in Bangalore, struggles, triumphs and failures while showing us how Sait was always determined to make her mark in the world of cinema.

Kubbra Sait

Comprising 24 chapters, the book's blurb reads as follows: "At five, she took the stage by storm as Indira Gandhi. At eight, she was bullied. At ten, she hit rock bottom. At thirteen, she discovered a personality development programme that changed her life forever…From being an awkward teen in braces to becoming a sought-after master of ceremonies to successfully portraying the transgender Cuckoo, Kubbra Sait has broken boundaries and made a name for herself."

For Sait, the following books are her favourites from which she learned a lot and she tells us why they meant so much to her.

Open- Andre Agassi

It was the first autobiography I really read and found merit in reading it because it was so simply put. Agassi's autobiography was fast paced and I also enjoyed watching some tennis matches after reading the book.

Unmasking Narcissism- Mark Ettensohn

I was travelling to the Canary Islands at this point and was trying to understand the psyche behind people who say something but mean something else. I always felt that people like them are devious, but while reading the book realized that narcissism is actually a disorder that can be treated.

Sorrounded By Idiots- Thomas Erikson

I loved it because it was a very simple guide on understanding how we can't change the world around us, but we can change ourselves. The idea for me to read books is to understand personalities. Which is funny, because when I was supposed to study it as a subject, I hated it. But as I've grown older I've fallen in love with it.

My Autobiography- Charles Chaplin

Everyone needs to read this book as it takes you through the journey of the most celebrated actor in the world. It shows us how most people have to go through uncomfortable situations to finally start leading the life they want.