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Shark Race Metaverse: At the Peak Of Blockchain Trends

SharkRace Club is the first NFT collection with rarity upgrade and metaverse play-to-earn 3D RPG game

An NFT series That Signifies the Importance of Real-life Heroes

The 62 piece NFT collection, American Heroes, is now available on the OpenSea Marketplace

This Woman Is Creating an Economy Around Plant-Based Leather

Founded by a woman who is an architect and designer, Irma Orenstein, Nova Milan is trying to solve both the leather and vegan leather industry problems

Bitcoin King Revealed By Franck Muller Encrypto

The "King" in the name of the new elite watch line speaks of the status of bitcoin in the crypto space

The Bridge Between Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Is the Future Of Fintech

While developments in the industry have been happening over the past ten years, the new reality of life in isolation could not but affect the development of financial technologies further

The Ten Most Prominent Figures in the Cryptocurrency World

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are an incredibly young industry despite this it already has many heroes

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