Asha Saxena

Asha Saxena

President and CEO of Aculyst Inc

Asha Saxena is Columbia University Professor and founder of Aculyst Inc. a healthcare big data solutions and advanced analytics services firm

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Is 'Data Scientist' the 'Sexiest Job of the 21st Century'? And How Do You Get One of Your Own?

Even if you're not versed in advanced analytics and data science, you can understand the thought process data scientists go through.

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Specialists capable of gleaning insight from mountains of data don't work cheap. Be sure you're getting your money's worth.

Listen to Your Gut But Check Your Assumptions and the Data

Intuition that has been reality checked is a good basis for strategy.

When Will Tech Get Smart Enough to Stop Being 'Men's Work'?

Tech companies, notorious for their lack of female diversity, have the most to gain from encouraging women to pursue tech careers.

The Deal with Data: 5 Steps to Getting a Way More Efficient Team

Installing data practices can create hours where you've never had them before, revealing patterns and outliers and illuminating problems and opportunities within your workforce.

5 Questions to Help Decide If Outsourcing Is the Solution

Determining whether a problem should be solved by your team or through outsourcing requires careful analysis.

4 Ways to Unleash the Power of Data to Transform Your Organization

Data blinders keep us focused on sales and marketing but oblivious to the many ways data can transform operations and even company culture.

Why Your Startup Needs to Be Data Mature From the Beginning

Data-driven decision making is fundamentally important. Startups make a mistake thinking it is a capacity they can wait to develop.

7 Rules to Live by When Your Startup Hires Remote Tech Employees

Working outside the office is increasingly the norm, especially for technical workers, but a vibrant company culture is still possible and valuable.

Why the Race for Tech Advancement Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For the great majority of businesses, the switch to digital is a work in progress. Getting it right it far more important than getting it sooner.

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When it comes to sourcing tech talent, here's what you need to consider.

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