Christina-Lauren Pollack

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Entrepreneur, Executive, Influencer & Business Branding Coach

Christina-Lauren Pollack is an entrepreneur, manufacturing executive, pro lifestyle blogger and influencer, e-commerce expert and branding course creator. She loves educating entrepreneurs about digital branding and marketing ideas and empowering them with inspiring advice about entrepreneurship.


Starting a Business

7 Proven Strategies for Launching a Successful Ecommerce Business

Whether you're planning to set up a dropshipping business or intending to develop, produce, and sell products, having the right knowledge about creating a successful ecommerce business is imperative. Discover the 7 proven strategies you need to know to launch and grow your online business faster and easier.


3 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Save You 20 Hours Every Week

As an entrepreneur, you know that time is money. That's why saving 20 hours per week is essential if you want to grow your business faster and easier. Discover three digital marketing automation strategies that will free up valuable time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Top 12 Questions About Facebook Ads That Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from running Facebook ad campaigns because they allow for highly targeted advertising that reaches people who are already interested in you. Learn how Facebook ads can help you reach a large audience faster, easier and more cost-effectively.


5 Ways to Fund Your Startup as a Solopreneur

Funding your small business can be nerve-racking. Use these five steps to fund your startup without feeling overwhelmed.

Thought Leaders

3 Powerful Ways to Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman in Business

Discover valuable personal character traits that will set you apart as a leader.


5 Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition

Discover how you can optimize your content for this powerhouse platform.

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