Claire Gribbin

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Global Head of SMB, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Claire Gribbin is responsible for the performance of the SMB segment at AWS. She previously led Azure SMB strategy worldwide, with a decade of international field sales experience at Microsoft. Claire started within telecom and pioneered customer service for the digital age in early dotcom startups.

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Los empleos cada vez demandan más habilidades relacionadas con el manejo de la inteligencia artificial

A medida que aumenta la necesidad de contar con empleados con habilidades relacionadas con la inteligencia artificial, aprendizaje automatizado, la nube, redes sociales y gestión de productos, invertir en capacitación para el desarrollo de éstas es la clave.

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The Skills Gap Is Rapidly Widening — Here's What We Must Do To Close It.

As the need for employees with AI, machine learning, cloud computing, social media, and product management acumen increases, investing in upskilling initiatives is key to closing a still-widening capabilities gap.

Growing a Business

How Small And Medium Businesses Can Save Money and Increase Productivity With The Cloud

By investing in the cloud, small to medium sized businesses can achieve the same kinds of success that enterprise-level organizations do — without an enterprise-level budget.

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