Dejan Pralica

Dejan Pralica

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Co-founder and CEO of SoleSavy

Dejan Pralica is the co-founder and CEO of SoleSavy, one of the world’s largest paid sneaker communities, and co-founder of KicksDeals.

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How Big-Name Sneaker Brands Are Racing Into the Metaverse

Web3 is opening up new opportunities for industries to better serve their customers, (specifically companies that specialize in kicks).

This Is the Next Big Wave in the Sneaker Industry — and It Isn't Resale

As the global sneaker resale market has catapulted into a $6 billion industry, investors have lined up to fund businesses commoditizing sneakers, but there's a flaw in the model: It works against the very consumers the industry was built to serve.

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