Eric Ashman

Strategic Advisor to Venture-Backed Founders

Eric Ashman has 30 years of business experience, including building and advising venture-backed startups. Using his Pivot to Profitability framework, he helps founders navigate scaling challenges, optimize their runway, hit critical milestones, align key stakeholders and build enterprise value.

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¿Quieres crear una cultura de innovación? Haz estas 3 preguntas esenciales

La innovación proviene de la experimentación. La experimentación conduce al fracaso. Aceptar el fracaso es el camino para construir grandes productos y darle valor a tu empresa.


Want to Create a Culture of Innovation? Ask These 3 Essential Questions.

Innovation comes from experimentation. Experimentation leads to failure. Embracing failure is the path to building great products and enterprise value.

Thought Leaders

4 Pitfalls of Raising Venture Capital and How to Avoid Them

There are four common pitfalls entrepreneurs fall into while raising venture capital. Here are a few tips on how to avoid them.

Growing a Business

3 Essential Steps for Startups to Keep Enough Cash in the Bank

Calculating how much runway you have isn't as simple as you may think. Get it wrong, and your company might be running on fumes sooner than you expected.


3 Common Mistakes That Are Inflating Your Marketing Budget

One important measure of marketing efficiency, so many variables to choose from. Your profitability and cash flow depend on making the right choices.

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