Grace Avila Casanova

Grace Avila Casanova

Grace Avila Casanova is a development economist specialising in business responsibility.

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How (and Why) You Need to Put Sustainability and Community Ahead of Fast Growth

These two key strategies will help businesses shift the way they approach growth, focus on sustainable development and enable them to move in the right direction.

How Sustainable Brands Win Over the Discerning Conscious Consumer

As sustainability credentials become the norm, brands must develop the capabilities to grow through a differentiated sustainability identity, innovative production systems and new value-driven consumption models.

How to Turn Sustainability Into a Brand and Business Strength

In the race to sustainability, many brands are diluting their identity and relying on undifferentiated strategies to ensure environmental efficiency and social compliance along their supply chains. Thus, the challenge lies in the quality of sustainability investments brands are willing to pursue, but also in their ability to communicate the reasoning behind these efforts.

The 4 Principles of Sustainability Innovation for Modern Brands

Modern brands can move the needle by embracing sustainability innovation at every stage of the supply chain, from impact measurement and transparency pledges, through elevated customer experiences, to shifting consumer behavior with collective wellbeing and planetary boundaries in mind.

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