Hamid Ganji

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Content marketer & business enthusiast

Hamid Ganji is a professional writer, tech enthusiast and internet researcher who recently started his AI and business operations career. He loves to write and educate about how artificial intelligence can improve our lives and how companies can use it to revolutionize operations.


Starting a Business

Is Your Small Business Adequately Insured? Many Owners Don't Know

Every small business needs an insurance to protect itself against unprecedented events. However, many small business owners often neglect the importance of having an insurance.

Science & Technology

Artificial Intuition is the Next Phase of Artificial Intelligence

The goal is to minimize human intervention and allow machines to operate independently.


La intuición artificial es la siguiente fase de la inteligencia artificial

El objetivo es minimizar la intervención humana y permitir que las máquinas funcionen de forma independiente.

ინდუსტრიული ტრენდები

როგორ ღუპავს სტარტაპს ზედმეტი დაფინანსება

გაგიკვირდებათ, მაგრამ სინამდვილეში, ეს არასაკმარის დაფინანსებაზე უფრო საზიანოა სტარტაპებისთვის

Starting a Business

This Is How Overfunding Can Kill Your Startup

It's actually more detrimental to startups than underfunding.


Así es como el exceso de fondos puede acabar con su startup

En realidad, es más perjudicial para las nuevas empresas que la falta de financiación.

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