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Fair Pay

Think interns mean free labor? Think again.
Growth Strategies

What Counts as Copyright Infringement?

Building a website? Don't get caught in a copyright mess.

Use Caution

Prevent liability hassles by eliminating hazards.

Babble On?

Is your English-only policy open for misinterpretation?

Danger Ahead

Entrepreneurs, don't let employees call and drive.
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Achtung, Maybe

Does your product need a warning label?
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New rules govern your company's electronic files.
Growth Strategies

Could You Be Sued for Libel?

Know what you can and can't say on your company's blog.

Outside Job

Prepaid legal plans are a big help to smaller firms.
Growth Strategies

Creating a No-Spouse Rule

Can you keep spouses from working together?

Absent with Leave

When an employee needs to take a few months off

Zero Tolerance

Even nonemployees must be held accountable to the law.

Toppling Trolls

Patent trolls take a hit in a Supreme Court ruling.

That's My Lawyer

Is it OK to share a lawyer with a close competitor?

The Outsiders

How far does your workers' compensation stretch?