Kyle Christie

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder & Creative Director at See Your House Now Inc.

Kyle Christie has taken all of the editorial and production skills learned in his career as a television journalist and applied them to real estate. The result is a marketing agency that provides clear messaging, imagery and promotional content to help real-estate professionals stand out.


Real Estate

5 Essential AI Marketing Hacks Every Real Estate Agent Should Start Using Today

Not since the groundbreaking release of the BlackBerry in 2002 has there been a technological advancement with the potential to revolutionize every industry, including real estate, quite like AI.


5 Ways Post-Pandemic Open Houses Will Look Different for the Real-Estate Market

Don't expect the return of crowded open houses.


5 maneras en que las casas abiertas posteriores a una pandemia se verán diferentes para el mercado inmobiliario

No espere el regreso de las jornadas de puertas abiertas abarrotadas.


My Company Has Produced More Than 1500 Real-Estate Videos. Here Are My 3 Takeaways.

Data-backed strategies will keep a prospective buyer locked on your listing.


Mi empresa ha producido más de 1500 videos inmobiliarios. Aquí están mis 3 conclusiones.

Las estrategias respaldadas por datos mantendrán a un posible comprador bloqueado en su listado.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use a Drone for a Real-Estate Listing

Drone photos and videos can be a great way to market a property, but it's not always necessary.

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