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5 Essential AI Marketing Hacks Every Real Estate Agent Should Start Using Today Not since the groundbreaking release of the BlackBerry in 2002 has there been a technological advancement with the potential to revolutionize every industry, including real estate, quite like AI.

By Kyle Christie

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Are you tired of hearing about AI yet? Brace yourself because we're just scratching the surface. My company has worked with hundreds of realtors over the last decade, and a recurring frustration we've heard is their disdain for writing. It makes sense; your goal is to sell homes, not craft prose. AI offers a fast, relatively accurate solution and completely free solution.

This year during our marketing and mentorship course, we introduced AI. The response was amazing. Although AI appears to be dominating the headlines, most of our clients didn't think it applied to them and had never tried using it. Without delving into specific models or technologies, here are five powerful ways you can immediately leverage the capabilities of AI to stand out in this crowded industry.

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1. Property descriptions

"Welcome Home," "Home Sweet Home," "Honey, this is the one."

Say goodbye to cliche phrases and cookie-cutter descriptions and welcome a new era of compelling property descriptions. By leveraging AI's capabilities, you can create detailed, accurate and engaging property descriptions that captivate potential buyers.

Using AI, start by providing prompts. Imagine conversing with a trusted friend or colleague, where you outline key details of a property. The more specific and detailed your prompts, the more precise and informative the AI-generated response will be. For example, you might ask AI to assist you in writing a description for a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home located in the San Fernando Valley. Remember that AI tends to make assumptions, leading to potential inaccuracies. For example, it might describe soaring ceilings and a large yard when, in reality, the ceilings are lower, and the backyard is small.

Once you receive the AI-generated response, simply paste it into a document. From there, you can begin enhancing and refining the description. Add your personal touch, delete irrelevant phrases, and ensure every word relates to the unique features and qualities of the property.

Using AI for property descriptions is a game-changer for solo agents without administrative support. AI becomes your assistant, providing a well-structured skeleton that you can flesh out effortlessly.

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2. Social media posts

There are two types of realtors when it comes to social media: those who embrace it, invest in it and make it a priority, and those who are inconsistent and wish it would just go away. Social media is here to stay, and fortunately, with AI, you can create engaging content and post consistently.

When it comes to content creation, I always recommend batching to our clients. By dedicating a solid block of time — such as four hours — to create content, you can save yourself the worry and hassle of having to come up with new ideas constantly. We recently conducted a four-hour video branding session with a client and generated enough content for 10 months of weekly posts. These clients, being experts in their field, knew the topics they wanted to cover.

However, not everyone has that level of expertise or knowledge, and this is where AI comes in. Imagine sitting in your office and asking your assistant (AI), "What are 12 topics I can create social media content on that would appeal to people buying or selling a house?" By entering this phrase into an AI tool, you'll be amazed at the immediate answers that come back.

3. Bios and branding

Writing a bio can be difficult for many reasons. Often it's a lack of confidence in sharing personal achievements or the perception of not having accomplished much. One common mistake I see people make when writing a bio is forgetting about the intended audience. Make sure you immediately highlight relevant accomplishments within the real estate industry, showcase successful client interactions, and any awards received.

Also, make sure you create your bio in the third person — this will feel more natural and less self-promotional. For example, a prompt for the AI generator could be: "Write a bio about NAME, a real estate agent who has been recognized as Agent of the Month and sells homes in the San Fernando Valley." It is important to note that the more specific and detailed the prompts given to the AI generator, the more accurate and tailored the resulting bio will be. By utilizing this technique, you can create a well-crafted bio to use on your website and other marketing materials.

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4. Thank-you notes

If you've ever been part of thank you note writing for a wedding, you know how repetitive it can get. You want to make each note as individual as possible but quickly run out of things to say. AI can save you time by creating personalized thank-you notes that strike the right chord.

To begin, ask your new assistant (AI) a particular and detailed question tailored to the recipient and include the context. For instance, you could ask, "Write a 100-200 word thank you note to a client who selected me as their agent and found their dream home." The response can serve as a solid foundation, which you can then personalize.

5. Customize listing presentations

Could AI help you win the listing? Absolutely!

When preparing for a listing presentation, thorough preparation will make you feel confident and increase your chances of success. Remember the earlier section on property descriptions? Well, why not leverage AI to craft a captivating description in advance? Arriving at the listing appointment with a compelling description will impress your potential client. Plus, not everyone currently utilizes or understands AI's capabilities, giving you a competitive edge. Try using this prompt with an AI generator: "Write a real estate marketing plan for FULL ADDRESS so that I can secure the listing." Prepare to be amazed by the results AI can offer. It's a powerful tool.

With AI, you can enhance your communication, and create compelling content, ultimately elevating your business and standing out in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.

Kyle Christie

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Founder & Creative Director at See Your House Now Inc.

Kyle Christie has taken all of the editorial and production skills learned in his career as a television journalist and applied them to real estate. The result is a marketing agency that provides clear messaging, imagery and promotional content to help real-estate professionals stand out.

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