Laila Maidan

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How an Ex-Police Officer Made $12 Million in 3 Years After Buying ATMs for $2,100 and Operating Them as a Side Hustle

He initially considered real estate but felt it would require a lot of cash and create more debt (and stress) with a mortgage and the overhead expenses of maintaining a property.

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The 4 Most Useful Pieces of Money Advice No One Ever Wants to Hear, According to a Financial Planner

Money advice that may seem tedious or bleak could save you a lot of financial stress.

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A Single Mom Who Saved $750,000 in 4 Years Shares the Biggest Mistakes She Made on Her Journey to Financial Independence

After getting divorced, Lakisha Simmons realized she wasn't saving enough for retirement.

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How a Mom of 7 Turned Her Last $5 Into a Business Worth Nearly $1 Million a Year

Today, Mignon Francois runs a business selling cupcakes nationwide that generates about $1 million a year.

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A Math Teacher Went From Earning $5,000 a Month to $28,000 Thanks to 6 Strategic Money Decisions

Steve Chen went from being a teacher to becoming financially independent and making six figures.

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How a 30 Year Old Turned Her $3,400 Tax Refund Into a $12,000-a-Month Side Hustle

Shereen Campbell now generates about $12,000 a month from her side hustle.

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