Mark W Lamplugh Jr

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Writer
Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Lamplugh is the chief marketing officer of Atlas Healthcare Group, which is the management company of Satori Health, Satori Detox, Detox LA, Silicon Beach Treatment Center & Silicon Beach Sober Living.



11 Effective Marketing Strategies to Help Streamline Your Startup

Starting a new business is an invigorating challenge that demands a robust marketing strategy. Here we'll explore the practical tools, techniques and insights to manage your entrepreneurial journey, covering everything from understanding your target audience to scaling up marketing efforts, ensuring you lay a strong foundation for brand recognition, growth and success.


La inteligencia artificial y ChatGPT son el futuro del crecimiento empresarial, pero aún tienen limitaciones

En estos días no puedes estar en línea sin escuchar algo sobre ChatGPT y la inteligencia artificial, especialmente en círculos empresariales. Pero ¿cómo puedes usar realmente estas herramientas para impulsar el crecimiento de tu empresa y qué puedes hacer cuando te enfrentes a los inevitables desafíos?

Growing a Business

AI and ChatGPT Are the Future of Business Growth — But They Still Have Limitations

You can't go online without hearing about ChatGPT and artificial intelligence these days, especially in business circles. But how can you actually use them to drive growth for your company, and what can you do when you inevitably face challenges?


How to Develop a Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

Should you invest in marketing? The short answer is yes. Here's why, plus a step-by-step guide to building an apt marketing budget that bolsters growth.


4 Steps to Building the Best Online Reputation

Your online reputation can win or lose new customers. Here's how to build an online reputation with high-quality reviews in 2022.


How to Adapt your Marketing to the Post-Covid Era

Covid changed the way many businesses reach customers. These tips will help your business succeed in a post covid era.

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