Martin Rowinski

Martin Rowinski

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Boardsi

Martin Rowinski is the CEO of Boardsi, a corporate board recruitment company. Rowinski is also an investor and author.

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Finding the Right Board Members for Your Company is Crucial to Success. Here's How to Do it.

Finding the right board members for your company is an important task. Here's what to consider.

The Time for Outside Board Members is Now

Outside board members are the x-factor that will propel your company out of times of crisis.

How Your Board Should Guide Your Hiring Practices

"The Great Resignation" does not seem to be letting up any time soon, so take advice from your board in order to revamp your hiring practices to retain and recruit strong employees.

These 4 Elements Are Key to Branding Your Business

In today's world of rapid startup growth, branding your company is essential to stand out from your competitors and find success.

The Best Employees Display These 6 Characteristics

Good employees are rare and valuable. Here's how to identify them.

The Perfect Blend: How to Successfully Combine AI and Human Approaches to Business

Combining a human and machine approach will change the efficiency, revenue and productivity of your business.

3 Ways to Stay Family-Focused in the Face of a Demanding Career

A winning work-life balance is often seen as a lofty dream, but with some applied structure and discipline, it's not just possible, but instrumental in becoming your best self.

To Become a Top Executive, Take Control of Your Personal Brand Today

Personal branding is the number one strategy you should employ in order to build trust in both you and your business.

How Growing Up in a Communist Country Made Me the Leader I Am

Formative years in 1970s Poland impacted every aspect of my life, and taught me lifelong lessons that continue to enrich and empower.

Growing Pains: How to Turn Hard Times Into Periods of Immense Personal Growth

Difficult times are often par for the course in business, but your response and approach to these hard times will determine whether they result in hardships or growth.

5 Ways to Ensure You Have True Diversity Within Your Business

Diversity is complex and not as simple as some people may think, but having true diversity will improve every aspect of your business.

Hiring the Right Personality Matters, and AI Can Help

It's important to find the right employees in order for your business to succeed. Here's how AI can help you find the perfect match.

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