Melissa Campanelli

Melissa Campanelli is a technology writer in Brooklyn, New York, who has covered technology for Mobile Computing & Communications and Sales & Marketing Management magazines. You can reach her at


Starting an Online Business in a Down Economy

As shoppers flock to their computers instead of driving to the mall, entrepreneurs with e-businesses can make a hefty sum.

Scale It Down

Want your website to reach more people? Make it ready to move.

The Gift of Hassle-Free Returns

Make returning gifts painless for your online customers with these tips.

Make Your Mark

3 simple ways to make your online enterprise a standout.

Searchandising: The Solution in Sales

Show shoppers what they're missing in your search results.

Luxury Goods Shine Online

As shoppers get bolder, it's the perfect time to sell the finer things online.

Poll Vaulting

Need a tool that will help you get a jump on market research and customer feedback? Look no further than online polls.

Take It Outside

Free up your crucial resources by outsourcing fulfillment.

Postage Cramp

How entrepreneurs are coping with the new postal rates.

Build Your Own Website

Before worrying about design details, start by creating a site outline.

All That Jazz

Spice up your customers' shopping experience with web tools that let you do just about anything, from one-click calling to webcasting.

Seize the Day

Launching a deal-a-day site could be a boon to your business.

Seeing Is Believing

Visual search engines make it simple for shoppers to find your products.

The Right Stuff

Web design experts reveal their top 10 trademarks of stellar sites.

RSS Marketing Feed Frenzy

More e-tailers are marketing with RSS--and finding success.

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