Milind Pant

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of Amway

Milind Pant is CEO of Amway. He is passionate about helping people live better, healthier lives.


Science & Technology

I'm Approaching Generative AI With a Growth Mindset — Here's What That Means and Why You Should, Too.

As tools like ChatGPT begin to revolutionize how we learn and work, keeping an open mind — and an awareness of advancements and drawbacks — can help us all make the most of the possibilities.


Cómo los pequeños agradecimientos pueden tener un gran impacto en tu negocio

Expresar gratitud es bueno para la cultura laboral y cuando se hace bien, genera un estímulo positivo tanto para el que agradece como para el que recibe el agradecimiento. Aquí hay tres maneras de darle más poder a tus agradecimientos.

Thought Leaders

How Small Thank Yous Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Expressing gratitude is good for workplace culture — and when it's done right, it's a positive boost to both the giver and the receiver. Here are three ways to pack more power into your thank yous.


3 formas de superar la adversidad y tener éxito en la vida

Los emprendedores no pueden darse el lujo de dejar que los tiempos difíciles los depriman. He aquí tres maneras esenciales de sobrevivir y prosperar pese a la adversidad.


3 Ways to Overcome Adversity and Succeed in Life

Entrepreneurs can't afford to let challenging times get them down. Here are three essential ways to survive and thrive through adversity.

Thought Leaders

3 Habits to Help You Live a Happier, Healthier Life (And Grow Your Business Too)

More than anyone, entrepreneurs need to recharge their wellness batteries. And while exercise, sleep and good nutrition are table stakes, these three habits will take your wellness routine to the next level

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