Rachel Meranus

Rachel Meranus is vice president of communications at PR Newswire, an online press release distribution network based in New York. Get more information about PR Newswire and public relations with their PR Toolkit for small businesses.


Winning Award Competitions

Five steps to find and submit the best application and publicize your win.

Five Ways to Build Public Speaking into Your Marketing Plan

No news to buzz about? Speaking engagements to generate publicity. Here's how to make the most of your efforts.

Spotlighting Your Social Responsibility

Strategies to keep people from thinking you're only in it for the money

How to Judge Media Opportunities

With a little risk/reward research, you can avoid the pitfalls of negative media coverage.

Grab the Holiday Spotlight

These simple tricks of the trade can help you make the most of your seasonal PR efforts.

Don't Let Your Video Get Lost in the Crowd

Use these expert tips to create content that gets you noticed.

Do Your Videos Command Attention?

Use these expert tips to create content that gets you noticed.

Sharpen Your Social Media Intelligence

Proactively monitor how your company is represented in blogs, Facebook or Twitter.

Become an Industry Expert

Offering your wisdom to the media is a great way to further your brand.

Take Advantage of Twitter

How to leverage the latest social media craze to benefit your business

Do More with Less

New communications and PR tools offer marketers less costly (and equally effective) alternatives for building brand and product awareness

Unearth the Hidden Publicity Gems in Your Business

Build exposure for your brand by showing off your company's expertise and top employees in trade magazines.

Reaching Beyond Borders

With Web 2.0, opportunities abound for small businesses to target customers far and wide.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Understanding the changing face of journalism can be the key to getting more coverage for your business.

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