Roman Kumar Vyas

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO & Founder Refocus

Roman Kumar Vyas is the founder of Refocus, an EdTech company.



How to Create a Connected Workforce Through Quality Core Values

It might seem as if having a transparent system of core values is only crucial in "big business," but that is not the case. The development of any company highly depends on how correctly these values are set and whether the team's actions follow them.


Having A Work-Life Balance is Nonsense. To Reach Your Goals, Follow Another Approach

There has been a lot of attention on the importance of a work-life balance in everyday life. But if you want outstanding results, you must neglect it and follow another approach.

Growing a Business

3 Sales Tips to Help Your Business Earn More

My company's sales department sold $1.5 million in six months, here's how we did it.


Inevitable Mistakes Businesses Will Make Without Proper Customer Development

Customer development might seem too expensive and time-consuming, especially if you are starting a business. However, these techniques can help you save money and time and create a better product.


Sé un mentor: 4 pasos simples para cambiar una vida

Convertirte en mentor conduce al desarrollo profesional. Mejora las habilidades de creación de redes y mejora el bienestar, la autoestima y la confianza relacionados con el trabajo. Aprende a hacerlo siguiendo estos cuatro pasos.


Be a Mentor: 4 Simple Steps to Change a Life

Becoming a mentor leads to career advancement and professional development. It improves networking skills and improves job-related well-being, self-esteem and confidence. Learn how to start in 4 steps.

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