Safaa Nhairy

Safaa Nhairy

Guest Writer / Founder, iMediaRt

Safaa Nhairy is the founder of iMediaRt, a communications agency based in Casablanca, Morocco. She helps clients with their communication and marketing strategies and assists them establish their market position and enhance their external reputation and image.

Safaa leads other ventures, including Hakoo Cards, the first Moroccan greetings card line in the country, and, an e-commerce platform to simplify trading used items between individuals. She also manages Leader Media Ltd, a London-based media company in London specializing in media relations and PR.

Safaa teaches at universities in Morocco and gives seminars and conferences on communication and entrepreneurship. Passionate about helping the youth help themselves, she offers speaking sessions to people in need of awareness and guidance. She dedicates a lot of her personal time mentoring and coaching young professionals and new aspiring entrepreneurs.

Safaa Nhairy holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication from George Mason University in Virginia, USA as well as a Master's degree in International Commercial Law from City University in London, England.

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