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When Thomas Ebeling became the new CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG (Pro7), he faced a familiar problem: how to grow the business. Pro7 was the leading media company in the German TV advertising market with a core business of free TV financed by advertising. Ebeling’s challenge was how to grow the business and achieve the target of plus EUR1 billion in revenues by 2018, going from EUR2.4 billion to EUR3.4 billion. Resorting to traditional strategic moves, expanding existing businesses and offerings, would certainly not do the trick.

Pro7 crafted a unique strategy for a new business area making TV advertising available to startups and small- to medium-sized companies, two customer segments that traditionally couldn’t afford TV advertising, and were seen as unprofitable by the industry. One yea...

The next time someone tells you that living out of a car is a sign of financial distress or a failing economy, you may be able to tell them that you have just bought into auto giant Renault’s vision of seeing “a car as an extension of one’s home.” Renault is showcasing its new concept car SYMBIOZ -an electric, connected, and autonomous car that also doubles up as a home- at Frankfurt Motor Show running from September 14-24, 2017. SYMBIOZ is part of Renault’s futuristic vision for vehicles, where it sees them fully interact with connected homes, cities, other vehicles, and road infrastructure. While the concept itself may feel far-fetched, the automaker says that a demo vehicle with a few of the SYMBIOZ elements will be available fo

Ramzy Abdul-Majeed and Markus Thesleff set up Whissle Hospitality Group in Dubai in 2009 (with the vision for it starting in 2005); however, unless you are particularly familiar with the region’s hospitality and F&B scene, there is a good chance that you probably haven’t heard of the company before. But while other entrepreneurs with enterprises as old as Whissle may find this scenario a cause for concern, Abdul-Majeed and Thesleff don’t seem to be really perturbed by it at all- their reasoning is that though you may have not heard of Whissle, you certainly couldn’t have missed the many award-winning brands under this boutique hospitality group’s portfolio. 

For one, there’s Okku, the homegrown Japanese restaurant, bar and lounge that started Whissle’s story, which is today a Dubai institut...


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A Work Of Art: Samsung's New Frame TV

Samsung has successfully merged art and technology with the release of The Frame TV.
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Form Follows Function: Creating A Productive Workspace For Your Business

From a design perspective, we know as designers and architects that there are indeed many aesthetic and practical elements that have a direct impact on the mood, mindset and wellbeing of an individual...
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This is What Every Job Seeker Should Ask In Interviews

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Success Speaks For Itself: Whissle Hospitality Group

The co-founders of Whissle Hospitality Group –the company behind F&B brands like Okku, Claw and more in Dubai are all set to take their enterprise to the next level.

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Smart Home

A Work Of Art: Samsung's New Frame TV

Samsung has successfully merged art and technology with the release of The Frame TV.
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Alshaya Group Makes E-Commerce Bet With Investment In Alabbar's

According to a statement, in addition to getting on board as an investor, Alshaya is also looking forward to become a seller on the Noon platform with this partnership.
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