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Growth Strategies

"We Got Funded!" Egypt-Headquartered DoPay Raises US$13.5 Million In An Extension Of Its $18 Million Series A Round

By enabling real-time digital payments -even on weekends and holidays- from employers to workers and other beneficiaries, Dopay has set out to directly address the issue of financial inclusivity.

Growth Strategies

Strong Foundations: Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, Group CEO, Arada

Building on seven years of Arada Group's exponential growth, its Group CEO Ahmed Alkhoshaibi details the UAE master developer's global agenda.


Driving Growth: Why Your Company Needs A Fractional CFO

Unlike their full-time counterparts, fractional CFOs offer tailored expertise on a part-time basis, providing strategic financial guidance without the burden of a long-term commitment or the hefty price tag of a full-time executive.


Brahmbhatt shares the factors that have driven his journey from being a telecom engineer to becoming the CEO of a global telecom enterprise.

Side Hustle

Cathryn Lavery built planner and conversation card deck company BestSelf Co. without any formal business education.

Starting a Business

WakeCap founder and CEO Dr. Hassan Albalawi is building a business centered on improving workforce productivity in the construction industry.

Starting a Business

Use this guide by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy to learn how to set up your tech venture in Dubai.

Growth Strategies

Working to "be the change we want to see the world" is irrelevant, because we (as citizens in society) aren't enacting our citizenship strongly enough to create the change we need.


When a crisis strikes, leaders need to get real about what they see in the mirror.


No matter the sector, the size, or the success of any company, the most common point that comes around each time remains the same: the brand matters.

Business Ideas

We put together a list of the best, most profitable small business ideas for entrepreneurs to pursue in 2024.


Want to boost your qualifications but not sure which certificates to pursue? Check out these in-demand professional certifications to pick your path.


With the new capital fusion, the team is excited to scale across the region as they originally planned, starting with its relaunch in Kuwait.

Starting a Business

Omar Almaeena and Safwan Modir share the story of how they came to be the entrepreneurs behind Redsea Camel Company and Fatha Productions.


Being a good leader can feel like an abstract goal, but it doesn't have to be. Here are the four pillars that I believe are the foundation of effective, successful leadership.