Tim Biggam


Getting Paid For Your Patience With A Put Selling Strategy on DIA

Taking advantage of lower stock prices and higher option prices to position to be a buyer later and at better prices on the lower beta names in the DIA.

Three Buy-Rated Value Stocks That Beat Earnings But Still Got Beat-Up

Value stocks continue to be the lone bright spot in this gloomy market. How to use the StockNews screener to uncover some hidden diamonds in the rough.

Apple Stock Is Looking Ripe For A Rally

Selling juicy puts to get paid now to be a buyer of AAPL stock later and lower.

How To Get Paid To Buy Microsoft At A 15% Discount

Volatility begets opportunity with a put selling strategy in beaten up Buy Rated MSFT.

Technical Analysis Doesn’t Need to Be Overly Technical to Be Effective

The advent of algorithms has made technical analysis even more important in today’s market environment. This is especially true on shorter-term trades. Fundamentals are important in the long run, but...

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Two tried and true ways to tame market uncertainty and make volatility work in your favor.

An Unusual Covered Call Opportunity in ERIC Stock

Why buying beaten down stocks like ERIC and selling expensive call options in a covered call trade will outperform with less risk.

How To Make Good Money Picking Bad Stocks

Using puts to profit from a plunge in a lower cost lower risk manner.

Intel Is the Perfect Stock To Buy When the Chips are Down

Time to use fear to your advantage with a covered call trade on POWR Buy rated value stock Intel (INTC).

The Best Way To Buy A Beaten Down Best Buy

BBY stock is at yearly lows even after an earnings beat. Time buy and oversold and underloved Best Buy.

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