Vidhi Bubna

Vidhi Bubna

Freelance Writer

Vidhi Bubna is a freelance journalist from Mumbai who writes about a wide variety of topics. She starts every morning reading current affairs and likes to keep up with new trends worldwide. She is also a trekking enthusiast and hopes to move to the Himalayas someday. 


6 Songs To Motivate And Inspire You At Work

During times like the ongoing pandemic when we have limited engagements to inspire us, turning to music can be a healthy way to develop a better work ethic

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Here are some writing tips from authors to help you influence readers, which matters to you

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Urban Mining: An Unimaginably Valuable Mine On Earth

Electronic waste has 50 times higher concentration of precious metals than ores which are mined from Earth

Podcast As Marketing Tool: It Creates Value For Listeners

Podcasts help to hypertarget audiences and give a good return on investment

These Supercars Don't Just Run Fast, They Do Charity As Well

Supercars and hypercars are now being used across the world to raise funds for charities, especially for children

Here's Why Work From Home Has Been Ideal For Introverts

Introverts find themselves being more productive during the pandemic

Hidden Advice For Entrepreneurs In Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya's book has advice on diplomacy, domestic understanding, ethics, economics and strategy, which can be used at workplace as well

Here's How To Use Telegram To Amplify Your Business

Telegram is being used by businesses for marketing because professionals are realizing the benefits of the platform may be even more than WhatsApp

7 Ideas For Personal Branding Using LinkedIn Stories

Many working professionals are trying to build their personal brand on LinkedIn to increase their credibility in the workspace

Antarctica as Workspace: Ice Sheets Are Walkways and Penguins Come Visiting

It is almost impossible to imagine what working in Antarctica is like. There are a few people who have been there to work and here's what they have to say

5 Reasons Marketing Hygiene Measures is a Must for Brands to Bounce Back Post Covid-19 Lockdowns

As customers are cautious about the spread of COVID-19 virus while stepping out of their homes, it is important for brands to let their customers know that its safe to visit them by marketing about safety and hygiene

How Restaurants are Gaining Trust With Customers During Covid-19

Restaurants need to establish trust with their customers as the Covid-19 pandemic led lockdowns have completely changed the way people dine-in in restaurants.

Hospitality Industry Records Longer Bookings During the Pandemic

Working professionals from cities are temporarily shifting base to smaller cities, making the most of work from home policies during the pandemic to work out of exotic locations

How Companies Are Supporting Employees in The Times of Remote Working

Managing employee welfare has become challenging amidst work-from-home regime

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