11 Must-Read Newsletters for Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur magazine and digital editors share their picks.

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Axios Future

What it is: A daily newsletter from Axios on developments in today's most buzzworthy topics, from automation to blockchain to the gig economy

Why we love it: "All of Axios's newsletters are designed for on-the-go trendsetters with limited attention spans. Everything you need to know about the latest news is encapsulated within the email (although there are links to more info if you've got the time). Axios Future goes out in the evenings, so it's a nice way to recap the day." -- Liz Webber, insights editor

Morning Brew

What it is: A roundup of the day's business and finance news, told with a strong mix of humor and market savvy.

Why we love it: "I'll be honest -- I'm a business writer and editor, but I'm often so busy that I miss some of the day's major stories. Then this email rolls into my inbox sometime past 6 a.m. every morning, and I feel instantly caught up. I'm consistently impressed with how they crunch complex stories down into quick-hit takeaways, with a strong sense of how the information is most useful (along with some strong puns and gifs)." -- Jason Feifer, editor in chief

CB Insights

What it is: A free newsletter that covers VC funding, M&A, new patents and other bellwethers of tech industry shifts -- and makes them relatable through mentions of vampires, March Madness and other cultural touchstones (about four days/week).

Why we love it: "You read a lot about AI, blockchain, VR and emerging tech from the perspective of an analyst spewing anecdotes. CB Insights, on the other hand, has the data to back up its claims, which it presents in an entertaining style. No seriously, you don't glaze over: It's anything but dry. The company's newsletter offers a mix of report summaries, stats and infographics and curated articles, and it's available for free to a consumer audience about four times per week (and more frequently to enterprise customers who subscribe to full access to CBI's research). CB Insights co-founder and CEO Anand Sanwal signs all of his letters, 'I love you,' and he's not afraid to share his sense of humor. Case in point: The Oct. 9 newsletter began, 'Today in Weird Isht That Teens Do,' then went on to describe a new Instagram phenomenon." -- Lydia Belanger, associate editor

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What it is: Business, finance and tech news and its impact on people of color.

Why we love it: "Offers great insights and a point of view you don't always get from other news sources. For instance, in a story about the battle between Apple, Netflix and Amazon for streaming dominance, you'll learn that African Americans are having an increasing influence on these platforms' content because, as the writer explains, 'Black people stream videos more frequently on all devices than the total U.S. population, according to Nielsen.'" -- Dan Bova, digital editorial director

My Sweet Dumb Brain

What it is: Every week journalist Katie Hawkins-Gaar explores big topics around mental health, including grief, anxiety and depression, impostor syndrome and professional jealousy, and most of all, how to remember to be kind to yourself.

Why we love it: "It's like getting a letter from a friend that has been there and gets it. Hawkins-Gaar's honest and deeply felt essays and useful tips and resources provide a framework to talk about things that are often so daunting to be open about, even with the people that you trust -- especially if you feel like you have to have it all together, as so many entrepreneurs do." -- Nina Zipkin, staff writer

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Autoweek Daily Drive

What it is: Autoweek's daily newsletter breaks down the top auto-related stories of the day, from new vehicle launches and reviews to technology and industry news.

Why we love it: "Who wouldn't love pics of the coolest new cars on the planet delivered to their inbox every morning? But it's more than just shiny Ferraris and Lamborghinis. As cars and tech continue to shape the future of travel and commerce, the auto-obsessed experts at Autoweek condense the day's biggest news into quick, easy-to-read stories. What's that wily Elon Musk up to now? Be the first to know." -- Patrick Carone, special projects director

Wall Street Journal What's News

What it is: The Wall Street Journal's daily newsletter brings together political, business and cultural news in a digestible format.

Why we love it: "The Wall Street Journal is a journalistic institution for a reason: it breaks a lot of news. If you want to learn about the latest in tech, business and politics, you may as well go straight to the source. The newsletter also collects interesting stories from other publications as well, and also features a story that happened that day in years past. While the newsletter is free, the Wall Street Journal's website has a paywall." -- Stephen Bronner, news director


What it is: Science magazine's daily newsletter highlighting the latest news and trends in tech, space exploration, medical advances, climate research and more.

Why we love it: "Did you know that Jupiter's moon Europa has a subterranean ocean that might have extraterrestrial life swimming around in it, but that landing a NASA explorer there is problematic because the surface is covered in giant blades of spaceship-destroying ice? I didn't until I started reading this newsletter. While I have no plans of getting into the space exploration biz, this kind of stuff gets me so inspired. Whether I'm learning about stars being ripped in half by black holes or new lifeforms being discovered at the depths of our oceans, this newsletter's bite-size news briefs and amazing photos make me want to think bigger. And also? I'm counting on the editors to give me a heads up if a planet-killing asteroid heading our way and with that, permission to order extra bacon on my breakfast sandwich." -- Dan Bova, digital editorial director

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Hot Pod

What it is: A deep dive into the business of podcasting, from news to reported stories about trends and major changes.

Why we love it: "I'm obsessed with podcasts -- as a listener, a creator of two of them, and as a guy making his living in media. Podcasting is still emerging in every way: economically, creatively, technologically. And Nick Quah's Hot Pod newsletter is the most insightful and informative look into the industry I've seen. This past week, for example, he led off with a deep dive into the weird manipulations that seem to be taking place on the iTunes charts. He had news of Spotify opening up its platform to more podcast creators, which instantly sent me into strategizing mode (only one of my shows is currently on there). And lots more. For anyone curious about how this industry works, how to make money in it, and where it's going next, Hot Pod is the must-read." -- Jason Feifer, editor in chief

Morning Media Newsfeed

What it is: AdWeek's daily newsletter highlighting the latest news in media (print, digital, broadcast, telecommunications and business).

Why we love it: "As a journalist, it's vital for me to stay up to date on key trends in my industry -- who's hiring, who's firing and which headlines have generated unprecedented amounts of buzz. But it's equally relevant for any well-versed entrepreneur or high-ranking businessperson. The newsletter rounds up coverage from a host of outlets, covering everything from Elon Musk's likely replacement as Tesla's chairman to Snap Inc.'s launch of 12 original shows. (And that infamous Trump Administration op-ed? A morning heads-up on that was included, too.) For me, this weekday email does what I believe any successful newsletter should: ensure you're never caught off-guard at the water cooler -- or, more accurately, the coffeemaker -- when someone brings up a pivotal piece of news." -- Hayden Field, associate editor


What it is: A daily feed of the top content on Entrereneur.com, as well as special deals on events and exclusive programs.

Why we love it: "OK, fine, maybe I'm biased here, but this newsletter does an amazing job of highlighting the many voices, opinions and philosophies of our network of hundreds of contributors and staffers. There is a lot happening in the entrepreneurial world, and whether you are just getting started or have been at it since the day you were old enough to have a newspaper route, this gives you a fantastic overview of what's going on out there." -- Dan Bova, digital editorial director

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