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5 Accessories Under $40 That Make Your MacBook Even More Functional

Improve your laptop's functionality with these tools.

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On its own, a MacBook is a highly functional device, but pair it with other accessories, and the laptop can run at its peak efficiency. Plus, if these add-ons are designed ergonomically, they can also ensure that you're working at peak efficiency, too. 

The products you'll find real added value in for your workplace setup include a protective case, keyboard, ergonomic mouse, laptop stand and a power meter, which can ensure safe charging. Consider these five top-rated options below your starter pack of essentials when it comes to MacBook accessories. 

As an added incentive, all five of these options are also affordable (with every gadget ringing in under $40). Considering you've dished out nearly a thousand dollars, if not more, on your laptop, these can offer a much-needed sigh of financial relief.


Satechi USB-C Power Meter Tester - $29.99

It’s a given that your computer’s battery life won’t be operating a year after use as it did the moment you took it out of the box. Part of that is boils down to normal battery degradation. But if you’ve noticed your battery depleting faster than ever, the culprit could be your charger’s voltage. That’s where the Power Meter Tester can help. This intermediary device gets plugged into both your charger and computer, and displays your charger’s voltage, current, and power input so that you can ensure your MacBook is receiving quality, and more importantly safe, charge.

Available on Amazon for $29.99


MOSIO MacBook Case - $16.99

Until the day Apple makes all its MacBook laptops completely drop-,spill- and dust-proof, you’ll want to invest in an exterior case that will help protect against everyday wear and tare. This MOSIO MacBook Case, which comes with a laptop cover, keyboard cover, and screen protector, is amongst one of the top-rated options on Amazon. The exterior case in particular has a seamless snap on and off design, as well as heat ventilation. 

Available on Amazon for $16.99


Soundlance Laptop Stand - $22.99

Laptop stands are one of the most ergonomic tools you can invest in. This singular tech accessory positions your device at a height that helps reduce neck, eye, and hand strain. It helps make the dreaded tech neck, or the bad posture many of us have while hunching over devices, a thing of the past. For a tried-and-tested option, opt for the Soundlance Laptop Stand, an accessory that has one one of the best overall customer satisfaction reviews on Amazon. 

Available on Amazon for $22.99


Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse $16.99

Turns out, a traditional computer mouse isn’t the friendliest device for your body. This design in particular can squeeze the nerves in your hand, which leads to a feeling of overall discomfort and pain. The issue is that you have a lot of work to go back and forth between that requires something more heavy-duty than the Macbook’s trackpad. The solution is the Anker Vertical Ergonomic mouse, which uses its scientifically-backed “handshake” design that gives your wrist and arm more support during use. 

Available on Amazon for $16.99


Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Keyboard - $39.99

It’s not just computer mice that you should ensure are ergonomic. Keyboards too can put strain on your arms if they’re not designed to cushion pain points in the palm of your hands. It’s why Logitech has created a wave style keyboard, which has a curved layout to angle your hands in a more typing-friendly position. And unlike other keyboards which have to be recharged every month or so, this option has a whopping three-year long battery life. 

Available on Amazon for $39.99