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5 Ways to Network on the Clubhouse App The latest app serves as a method for real-time networking, building businesses and brands.

By Violette de Ayala

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You may have heard about Clubhouse specifically if you have an Apple device and were invited by a contact already on the platform. Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app that launched in 2020 and already valued at nearly $100 million. Groups meet and gather and discuss a variety of topics, trends and explore conversations. At this moment, in order to access the platform, an invitation by a current subscriber needs to send you a link to access. New subscribers have 2 invites available to send to their circle of network.

Though the app is easy to use and simple in it's features, [no private messaging or chat functions], it does have a great ability to be leveraged for networking purposes. For those looking to build a global network in an interactive and audio based method, Clubhouse may be a great way to grow your brand and outreach.

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Five tips on how to network on Clubhouse

1. Listen.

Join the conversation in the themed events that resonate best with your brand. There are events created throughout the day and notifications are sent as each is created based on the data you provide upon subscribing to the app. Join in and listen to the conversation and if a speaker or guest shares a tip or an idea that you find noteworthy, connect with them through their Instagram account linked via their Clubhouse app.

As in traditional networking, personalizing and following up with a customized message sharing how much their tip or suggestions assisted you and thanking them will help you stand out from the rest and create a new person to add to your network. Adding the tip or note they shared on Clubhouse that you found to be of utmost value and keeping in touch will help place them in your circle of influence.

2. Ask to be on the stage.

While listening to the conversation, request to be on the stage if you have something valuable to add to the discussion. When you are on that stage sharing your comment, tip, advice or reflection, you are able to share about yourself. If your offering is valuable and received well, it will not only increase your Clubhouse followers but also your chances of receiving private messages on Twitter or Instagram from those who found value in your share. Clubhouse uses Twitter and Instagram as their avenues for follow-up and connecting for ongoing chats.

3. Be a co-host.

As you start to network on the platform, reach out to contacts on the app and ask to co-host an event. Co-hosting an event on Clubhouse taps into the network of your co-host and helps to expand your outreach. You can have more than one co-host, and it serves to leverage your brand and network into the circle of influence for those participating and marketing the event.

4. Be a featured speaker.

Featured speakers on the Clubhouse app work very much the same way as in a traditional networking event. Position yourself as a featured speaker and share your expertise, value and wisdom for groups to hear. This is a great way to network in a more expedient way hitting more numbers than a one-to-one scenario.

5. Create your own event.

Venturing out on your own and creating your own event is a great way to capture an audience and grow your network. Create an event that fits well with your brand, experience and talent and invite those in your network to join along. Connecting your event to an already existing club will also help to bring in new contacts that you may have never met before. Be sure to market, personally invite and build the excitement as you would if you were hosting your own networking event at the local club.

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Final tips of advice

Be authentic and add value to the conversation. Be of service to the discussion, and align your contribution to your knowledge, experience and brand. Last but not least, have fun and conduct yourself as you would in a real life setting.

Violette de Ayala

Founder + CEO of FemCity®

Violette de Ayala is the founder and CEO of FemCity, a women's networking organization with local and virtual networking events and online business classes in over 100 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. She's also a spiritual self-help author, advisor and entrepreneur.

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